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live on the move In the Long Run By Ann Imig "Anyone can do anything for one minute." Th is is the logic running coach Jamie Edge uses to launch people off their couch- es and into their running shoes. I myself am no stranger to jogging, al- Pounding the pavement for a taste of marathon training though apparently no one has used the la- bel "jogger" since running apparel meant white-rimmed polyester shorts, terry sweatbands and tube-socks. Th ese days, we're runners. Or if you're Edge, you're "Running Diva Mom"—the blog mon- iker she uses to detail her training experiences. Edge herself started as a ca- sual runner. Today? Well, she completed 16 half-mara- thons in 2011, if that tells you anything. To learn more about Edge's Where to go: Whether you're hoping to break into marathon shape or just get running for method, I made a date with her for a run along the shores of Lake Monona. After warming up with a brisk walk, fi tness and fun, Madison is full of clubs and programs to keep you going. Look to offerings through stores such as Catalyst and Endur- ance House or clubs including Madison Running Club, Movin' Shoes Running Club and more. I peppered her with questions about train- ing habits for the marathoner. Like, do real runners jog in place at stoplights or should I stop that? Maybe I need to run barefoot and eat dried beans as the legendary Tara- humara runners of Mexico? Th rough it all, her answer remained constant: Do what works for you. As a single mom who works full-time "Running Diva" Jamie Edge (left) with the author. in addition to coaching, Edge embraces a pragmatic approach. Her blog reveals cre- ative ideas she uses to keep pace with her goals, from fi nding ways for her kids to join her (on bike and in a jogging stroller) to launching a date-night running club with her boyfriend. For her, it's about adopting The Dish on Running The appeal: Not only can you run with friends and multi-task social time, after the initial purchase of good shoes and gear, the cost to keep going is virtually nothing! 14 BRAVA Magazine The benefi ts: Research shows that running is one of the best bangs for your buck as far as time management and calorie-burn go. It's an excellent stress-reducer, too. August 2012 Tips for beginners: There's no need for fancy technique like vigorously pumping your arms. Instead, stay relaxed. If you can't carry on a conver- sation, slow down or walk. Tips for marathon training: Combine walking and running in short intervals and then steadily increase your run- ning intervals. Also, enlist a running buddy to help reach your goals. a don't-stress-it attitude for making time to train. Likely due to my grimace around the 1.5-mile mark she offered that we take it easy and walk or turn around. I chose to push on. My goal? Five miles, something both easier (the time can tick by quickly) and more diffi cult (um, that's far!) than one would think. Later I wondered aloud if Edge had intentionally let me push my- self, instead of her pushing me. To this she offered a knowing grin, saying her clients often remark on her laid-back approach. By the end, it was clear Edge just wants others to enjoy running. And now I know that either for good health or competition, running is less about following prescrip- tions from ancient athletes and more about making the journey work for you—every determined step of the way. Photo by Amber Arnold

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