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from our staff Enjoy the Ride After a busy summer for our staff full of travel, events and family activities, we're rolling into August ready to kick up our feet, slow things down and savor the re- mains of season. We're looking forward to a less scheduled month fi lled with re- laxation, refl ection and weekends close to home. And why wouldn't we when we have a great community to call our own? Th is month we're featuring one of the reasons why: Rohany Nayan. She's a woman with a unique life story and a lofty mission: to bridge the divides between differing religions and bring about toler- ance and trust while defying expectations. She's not trying to change the world, she's simply creating change by taking her place in it. Read her story on p. 38. Th en take a glimpse at what local den- tists are doing to help ensure a healthier future for area families on p. 55. Speaking of healthy futures, if life has thrown you a curveball and your marriage is sadly end- ing in divorce, we have tips to make sure you are watching out for yourself through the process on p. 59. And don't miss our free-spirited fashion fi nds on p. 46. If this doesn't make you want to crank up some tunes and hit the road, well then maybe our suggestions for short road trips close to home on p. 65 will! As summer transitions to fall, we're wel- A Final Farewell coming a few transitions of our own. On p. 14, we welcome guest columnist, Ann Imig. She is the fantastically funny woman behind the national Listen to Your Mother stage show. She'll be fi lling in for our very own Meagan Parrish as she takes maternity leave. Th en we're saying goodbye to an- other columnist, our very own Art Th rob, Pete Lundberg, who pens his fi nal (and 100th) column this month on p. 72. Th ank you, Pete, for educating us about fi ne art for nearly a decade! It's a month of bittersweet farewells but also of bright futures. Th ings change—and we're going to sit back and enjoy the ride. Sarah DeRoo Editor in Chief 8 Michelle Reddington Publisher BRAVA Magazine August 2012 On July 13, the Madison community lost a bright star, three loving children lost their mother, fi ve delightful youth lost their grandmother, and we at BRAVA lost a great friend, an ardent supporter, and an exemplary role model. Rita Britt, founder of Britt Interiors, died peacefully and unexpectedly in her sleep at home. We'll remember her for her delightfully British phone greetings—always calling each one of us "dear"— her strong hugs, and her honesty, candor and wit. She cheered us on when we were known as Anew, brava and then BRAVA. She was always quick with an idea, never short on praise, and had a way of deeply touch- ing everyone she met. Whether chasing a burglar out of her home in her bathrobe on a winter night (it's true, she scared the living daylights out of that man), beating cancer (twice), raising money for the causes she truly believed in (there were many), or teaching us exactly how to treat others while pursuing our passions—she has been our idol. No lesson stands out more than the one she taught us when she graced our May 2011 cover. As she embarked on writing a letter to her 20-year-old self for the issue, she divulged her darkest secret and life lessons. We stood in awe of a woman who had already awed us as she wrapped up her letter, saying: "In your twilight years, you will look back on the tapestry of all these experiences and marvel at the vibrancy, noting how the dark background serves only to contrast beautifully with the colors and patterns you've weaved into your fantastic life." What a fantastic life it was. Rest in peace, Rita. Donations may be made in Rita's remembrance to the Carbone Cancer Center, 600 Highland Ave., Madison, WI 53792-6164 or

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