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The home heating oil industry has a long and proud history, and Fuel Oil News has been there supporting it since 1935. It is an industry that has faced many challenges during that time. In its 77th year, Fuel Oil News is doing more than just holding

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www.fueloilnews.com | FUEL OIL NEWS | JANUARY 2017 23 Institute of Technology in Boston. He worked to make solar and wind power mainstream, leading projects around the world at a time when many people were still skeptical about the viability of alternative energy, noted the news release announcing his death. With the Peace Corps in the West African nation of Benin, where he lived for two years in a hut with no running water or electricity and was in charge of building wood-conserving cooking stoves to save forests, Connors came to focus on adapting tech- nology to geography. He believed that there is no "silver-bullet" solution for a sustainable energy future. Instead, he emphasized a need to optimize a portfolio of solutions and within each technol- ogy to move from "best practice" to "next practice." Connors also believed in "right-sizing" lifestyles for the ben- efit of the global environment. His time in Benin taught him to live simply. These passions led him to co-found AltWheels, which has become one of the larger alternative transportation festivals in New England for fleets, the news release noted. In 2014, Connors shared his views on how to build a bridge to a more sustainable energy future in a TED talk (TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually through short talks). Connors was a frequent and popular speaker on all energy issues at many global forums and met his wife when he accepted her invitation to speak at a local Cambridge, Mass., community potluck and showed up with a PowerPoint on wind energy and a homemade broccoli salad. Connors continually picked up litter in rivers, roadways, sidewalks and along trails, and traveled with the appropriate gear in his car, including a grabber that could pull a Class 7 truck tire out of a riverbank where it wedged. Connors spent more than 26 years working at MIT as a researcher, mentor and instructor, most recently as the head of the Analysis Group for Regional Energy Alternatives (AGREA). In that capacity he tackled a variety of energy challenges in different parts of the globe, including Argentina, China, Mexico and Switzerland. Connors helped usher in the current era, where solar and wind applications are now seen dotting the landscape in many regions and have become mainstream energy solutions in a number of countries, the news release noted. Connors' work in Portugal was cited in the announcement as an example of his ability to marry research with real-world practice to change the way energy is supplied and used in the world. Connors led a cross-Atlantic part- nership between MIT and Portugal that was designed to integrate PRODUCT TRP INTRODUCES LUBRICANTS LINE FOR ALL MAKES OF TRUCKS TRP of Renton, Wash., has expanded its product offerings to include a full line of lubricants for all makes of trucks and buses. Available in the United States, Canada and Latin America, the new products include heavy-duty engine oil, synthetic transmission oil and synthetic gear oil. Formulated to guard against wear and corrosion in demanding applications, the four products in the TRP Lubricant Program are designed to protect axle com- ponents, transmissions and engines for longer life and smoother operation across a wide range of operating conditions. TRP parts for trucks, trailers and buses are available through authorized retailers as well as TRP Stores. For more information on the TRP Lubricant Program visit https://trpparts.com/media/545356/trp-oil.pdf . TRP now offers a full line of lubricants for all makes of trucks and buses. Available in the United States, Canada and Latin America, TRP Engine Oil, TRP Synthetic Transmission Oil and TRP Synthetic Gear Oil are the newest additions to the TRP global catalog of over 110,000 parts.

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