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The home heating oil industry has a long and proud history, and Fuel Oil News has been there supporting it since 1935. It is an industry that has faced many challenges during that time. In its 77th year, Fuel Oil News is doing more than just holding

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40 JANUARY 2017 | FUEL OIL NEWS | www.fueloilnews.com ACCUCLEAN A c c u C l e a n s e t s a n e w standard in air cleaning performance by removing more of the smallest and most dangerous particles from indoor air than other home air fil- tering devices. AccuClean removes up to 99.98% of airborne particles down to 0.1 microns—the tiny size that gets deep into the linings of lungs where they can accumulate with every breath. American Standard AccuClean can be installed in new systems, or as an upgrade to American Standard systems installed up to 10 years ago. It is 100 times more effec- tive than the 1-inch filter found in most homes. American Standard AccuClean is easy to maintain, with no filter replace- ment necessary. AMERICAN STANDARD | www.ameri- canstandardair.com LENNOX ELO183 OIL FURNACES T h e e f f i c i e n t ELO183 oil fur- n a c e , d e s i g n e d to deliver lasting value and energy s a v i n g s . H i g h - quality components reliably deliver heat to every room, with little maintenance required. Efficiency rating of 83% AFUE. Heavy-gauge steel heat exchanger—air to glide evenly over its smooth surface for maximum heating efficiency. Insulated blower compartment—minimizes oper- ating sounds. Innovative combustion chamber—constructed from alumina-sil- ica ceramic fiber, provides quiet operation and high efficiency. Beckett burner—deliv- ers super-efficient combustion for greater fuel economy. Heavy-duty fuel pump— provides quiet, reliable operation with fast shutoff of oil flow. LENNOX | www.lennox.com RINNAI ES38-P PROPANE VENT WALL FURNACE T h e R i n n a i ES38-P Propane V e n t W a l l Furnace's repu- tation lies in its ability to extract up to 82% AFUE efficiency through the use of a unique stainless steel heat exchanger, modulat- ing gas valve and variable speed blower. Whether it's a whole-house or zone-heat- ing solution, the Rinnai Wall Furnace will provide a comfortable living envi- ronment, reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs compared to a traditional furnace. Consistently monitors room temperature 2" off the floor. Accurately detects temperature changes less than one degree. Within 10 seconds, the Rinnai wall furnace begins to gently heat the room at low fan speed. It increases fan speed and BTU output if necessary to achieve the desired tem- perature. Once the desired temperature is achieved, the furnace goes into standby mode. As the temperature of the room gradually drops, the wall furnace restarts and gradually warms the room back to the desired temperature. If there is a sudden injection of cold air, the furnace automatically adjusts fan speed and BTUs to quickly restore the set temperature. RINNAI | www.rinnai.us CENTURY PATRIOT 80 OIL FURNACES The Patriot 8 0 r e s i - dential oil f u r n a c e p r o d u c t family is a very complete line. Each Patriot 80 model can be fired at multiple firing rates. Multiple firing rates mean each model gives you a wider choice to meet your heat- ing requirements. All Patriot 80 oil furnaces features AFUE Ratings above 80%. The compact Patriot 80 series comes in a variety of configurations to fit virtually anywhere, including utility rooms, alcoves, closets, crawl spaces and attics. In addition to upflow, downflow/horizontal, rear flue and front flue versions, models come in heat only and heating cooling combinations. Foil-faced fiberglass insulation, a ceramic high temperature combustion chamber, and harmonically balanced blower keep operating noise to a minimum. PATRIOT | www.century-hvac.com RHEEM CLASSIC® SERIES HIGHBOY/ HORIZONTAL LOW PROFILE OIL FURNACES The Rheem Classic Series provides up to 86.5% AFUE ECM, and is avail- able with front and rear flue (ROCB07204M) or with front flue only (ROCB07204P) and in highboy, horizontal, left or right discharge. Low Profile measures 44-1/2." Three Firing rates. 2-4 Tons A/C. two large, accessible clean out posts. 3-pass heat exchanger. Can be installed with Beckett AFG, Carlin E2 or Riello F3 and BF3 Burners. Quick discon- nects on burner harness. Control board works with PSC and ECM RHEEM | www.century-hvac.com l F O N

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