February 2017

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Page 24 of 51 February 2017 | SportsTurf 25 ryegrass. And, about 7 days after that, we were doing our first mow on the field at a height of 3 inches. The target completion date of November 7 was fast approaching and confidence was high. The gopher contractor continued to trap and, by the time he had trapped and pulled his last gopher, he counted a total of 80. The field was rolled one last time and was all set to go. The last step was to paint the lines, place the goals and bring the kids out for a look. On November 7, I contacted the school principal to share that the field was ready for students. I felt like our team had accomplished something enormous and had given these students and young athletes a place they could call their home field and something that they could identify with just as I did when I was their age. Stepping back from the whole process, I know that it takes a village to raise a child and that is something we did. I also know that there were probably some things that could have been done differently, such as not using as much annual seed or trying to level the field out a little bit better but, from the day that team had walked on that grass to what it is today, I was super proud to be part of an organization that has said from the beginning in one way or another, "These kids need an open green field to play on and we are going to do everything we can to make that happen." The principal said, "The boys soccer team and physical education classes couldn't wait to get out there! They were super excited to play on grass, something they haven't done since they've been enrolled at our school." Peter Auth is Facilities Grounds Supervisor for the Santa Clara Unified School District. He has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies degree from the State University of New York, College of Environmental Science & Forestry in Syracuse, as well as an Associate's Degree in Applied Science in Ornamental Horticulture-Landscape Development, State University of New York, College at Cobleskill. Peter's wife, Amanda, co-wrote this article. The OFFICIAL online directory: STMA Sourcebook is an online directory of manufacturers and distributors of equipment and supplies of professional sports turf maintenance professionals, irrigation contractors, sports turf managers, professional grounds managers, custom chemical applicators, and other green industry professionals. Looking for an industry professional or product? Search the online STMASourcebook! As a sports turf manager, irrigation water quality is very important to understand. As we have learned, interpretation of water quality parameters, while complex, can be done if we follow written guidelines. While management of irrigation water can be done using general written guidelines, some instances may require more in depth analysis. Many factors contribute to proper management as well as problems that may arise. Factors such as climate, soil type, and turfgrass cultivar/use must be taken into consideration when problems or management remedies are concerned. Dr. Justin Quetone Moss, is associate professor and Chrissie A. Segars is a PhD Candidate, Oklahoma State University. Traditional Irrigation Water Quality References SOURCE AUTHOR TITLE UNIVERSITY OF M. Ali. Harivandi Interpreting Turfgrass CALIFORNIA Irrigation Water Test Results PENN STATE Peter Landschoot Irrigation Water Quality UNIVERSITY Guidelines for TurfSites OKLAHOMA STATE Justin Quetone Turf Irrigation Water Quality: UNIVERSITY Moss et al., A Concise Guide N.C. STATE Charles Peacock et al. Irrigation Water Quality UNIVERSITY Problems CLEMSON Dara M. Park et al Interpreting Irrigation Water UNIVERSITY Quality Reports PACE TURF PACE Turf Team Water Quality Guidelines AQUATROLS Aquatrols Team Assessing and Managing Turf Salinity Issues in Irrigation Water and Soils TEXTBOOK Ronny R. Duncan et al. Turfgrass and Landscape Irrigation Water Quality Table 6: Irrigation Water Quality Guideline References IRRIGATION & DRAINAGE Continued from page 22

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