February 2017

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44 SportsTurf | February 2017 F I E L D G R O O M E R S GREENSGROOMER TURF CONDITIONING Reaching optimum field surface quality involves the right equipment operated by knowledgeable professionals. GreensGroomer Worldwide does both. Designed to level the infill material, keep the turf in an upright position, and relieve compaction, the Synthetic Sports Turf Groomer and Spring Tine Rake is widely accepted as the industry standard by turf professionals throughout the world. The LitterKat, a synthetic turf sweeper, is designed to pick up surface debris as well as ferrous materials both on the surface and within the infill material. When used in tandem, field playability and safety is optimized. The GreensGroomer line of products keeps operation and maintenance simple while providing a safe turf surface for athletes. GreensGroomer has provided turf conditioning equipment to more than 7000 natural and synthetic turf venues worldwide. GreensGroomer ABI FORCE INFIELD GROOMER The ABI Force is a zero-turn, stand-up, self-propelled infield groomer packed with purpose- built features designed specifically for infields. It is built to give operators the control necessary to prepare and maintain the safest and most playable infields possible. At the heart of the Force's innovation is its patented, mid-mount spring system that hydraulically provides downward force for multiple attachments to address different applications. When the mid- mount spring system is combined with ABI's patent-pending VibraFlex attachment, operators can apply the perfect amount of force to break up surface tension as deep or as shallow as an infield needs. This leaves a perfectly consistent ½" of playing surface with no surprises hidden underneath. With the Force's profile blade attachment, operators can eliminate the need for roto-tilling and re-grading. The profile blades slice through the infield at a precise depth, de-compacting and aerating the ground without changing the grade. The infield can then be reset with the VibraFlex attachment and rigid drag mat and, in a couple of hours, completely change the way an infield plays. Absolute Innovations, Inc. DIAMOND MASTER FROM BANNERMAN The Diamond Master, which restores and levels surfaces with every pass, can give your community ball diamonds a surface just like professional teams demand and reduce the time, effort and labor required to do the job. With the Diamond Master, once you get your diamonds in shape, it's simply a matter of re-dressing the surface before and after every game (or even between innings). This groomer is 6 feet wide and incorporates five separate tools that are all individually and easily adjustable with the aid of screw jacks. Standard equipment includes: Ripper to move large amounts of material or breakdown ridges as required; rake, adjustable from light to heavy raking or severe scarification; leveler, a double bladed leveling device floats by way of parallel linkage; roller, designed to give firmness without compacting the top layer; and brush that adds that well-groomed or maintained professional look. Bannerman INFIELD TURF COVERS GreenJacket full athletic infield turf covers are rip stop reinforced engineered films and consist of high strength laminated polyethylene film. The heavy scrim reinforcement placed between the laminations greatly enhances the tear resistance of the film as well as adds in stopping the tear from migrating. Available in two styles: 6.8 oz/yrd2 GJ10WW and 7.8 oz/yd2 GJ12WB for the best durability and longevity. All seams are laminated for true impermeability. All edged furnished with double fold, double lock stitch hem. Sewn in handle furnished every 12 feet around the perimeter edge and on each corner. Sod staple available upon request. GreenJacket STMA IN ACTION News from the Sports Turf Managers Association TOOLS & EQUIPMENT

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