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March 1, 2017

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Page 2 of 47 GOOD FRUIT GROWER MARCH 1, 2017 3 Centerpiece 24 Good bugs vs. bad bugs Long considered a pest, could earwigs serve as a biological control for the woolly apple aphid? Pest Management 18 Mutant moths Gene-editing research could lead to new control for codling moth. 22 Orchard infiltrator Researchers think they have a pair of suspects in the hunt for potential vectors of little cherry disease. 30 Deploying the wasps Oregon prepares to relocate parasitoid wasps to fight spread of brown marmorated stink bugs. Good Grape Grower 34 Nematodes worm their way into vineyards As Washington grape growers replant, smaller root systems could be in danger of being overwhelmed by nematodes. 36 To hail and back Michigan growers pleasantly surprised with how well vineyards have bounced back from severe hailstorm in 2015. Good to Know 8 FSMA answers Laura Grunenfelder writes about how you should be preparing your facility for the Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule and more. 12 Tips for Trellising 101 Mark De Kleine writes about how thinking like a bridge builder can help you build strong, reliable trellises for your crops. The essential resource for growers ROSS COURTNEY/GOOD FRUIT GROWER Washington State University research assistant Sam Martin counts earwigs in a trap in a Quincy, Washington, orchard. Researchers are trying to determine whether the earwigs can be used as a biological control for wooly apple aphid.

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