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March/April 2017

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DEDICATED TO YOUR UPTIME Bruckner Truck Sales Offers Volvo and Mack Certified Uptime Bay "Fast Lane" for Quick Repairs BRUCKNERTRUCK.COM T R U C K S • C A B S • S L E E P E R S • T R A I L E R S • P A R T S • Q U O T E S 6 Feature Story UPTIME CERTIFICATION Bruckner Truck Sales is pleased to share that over the last year since Volvo and Mack came out with their Uptime Center programs, twenty dealerships have been awarded the designation of Volvo and Mack Certified Uptime Centers. Only two of the twenty-two Bruckner service centers are le scheduled to complete the certification. Bruckner's will soon be 100% certified throughout the dealer network. is new dealer service certification assures Volvo and Mack's highest level of truck repair and maintenance, with vehicle uptime as the top priority. According to Chris Bruckner, Executive Vice President, Bruckner facilities have integrated new workflow procedures that add efficiency and save time, especially for quick repairs. "We are dedicated companywide to continue improving our operations and are fully committed to adopting the Uptime philosophy and protocol," said Jackey Anthony, Corporate Service Manager. "is will allow us to better serve our valued customers." Key to the Volvo and Mack Certified Uptime Center concept is a dedicated Uptime Bay. Here, trucks requiring repair time of four hours or less are serviced immediately. is eliminates the traditional "first come, first served" practice that can turn a simple repair into a costly delay. "According to initial data thus far at our certified locations, we are finding that 31.74% of our service repair orders have qualified for the Uptime Process. On average, we are able to complete those repairs in under two hours in a four hour repair window," Clay Claiborne reports. Uptime Bay service utilizes Volvo's Remote Diagnostics and Mack's GuardDog® Connect, proactive diagnostic and repair planning systems, to expedite the service experience. Customers can expect a faster check-in and assessment process, with no appointment necessary. Volvo and Mack ASIST direct messaging keeps all parties informed up-to- the-minute regarding repairs and approvals. Remote diagnostics and telematics systems have reduced diagnostic times an average of 70% and repair times by 21%. Nearly 50,000 Mack Trucks are equipped with its Guard Dog Connect remote diagnostics system and more than 120,000 Volvo trucks are on the road with its remote diagnostics. Volvo and Mack Certified Uptime Center status puts Bruckner's on the leading edge of an Uptime initiative created for Volvo and Mack's nationwide dealer network. Dealer locations receive the certification only aer adopting standardized protocols that provide more transparent information to the customer and completion of short repairs more quickly. "Working with Bruckner's has been and continues to be an absolute pleasure. I have found tremendous support and involvement of Certified Uptime Center at each of the twenty locations that I have visited," says Eric Kananen, Volvo Mack Dealer Uptime Development Manager. "e Bruckner organization owns it!"

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