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FROM THE SIDELINES EPG Media & Specialty Information 10405 6th Ave. N., Ste 210 Plymouth, MN 55441 The Official Publication Of The Sports Turf Managers Association SALES REPRESENTATIVES Chris Pelikan Senior Account Manager - East Phone: (763) 383-4408 Peggy Tupper Senior Account Manager - Midwest Phone: (763) 383-4429 Leslie Palmer Senior Account Manager - West Phone: (763) 383-4460 EDITORIAL Group Publisher: David Voll Editorial Director: Eric Schroder Technical Editor: Dr. Joey Young Art Director: Jean Blackmer Production Manager: Angela Scott SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES Phone: (847) 513-6025 Fax: (763) 383-4497 REPRINTS Robin Cooper GROUP PUBLISHER David Voll DIRECT MAIL LIST SALES MeritDirect, Jim Scova Phone: (914) 368-1012 6 SportsTurf | March 2017 PERCEPTION IS PRIMARY Eric Schroder Editorial Director 763-383-4458 L aura Katen livened up the lunch crowd at STMA's 2017 Annual Meeting in Orlando with her keynote presentation on the importance of perception in business. She demonstrated how body language can show what you don't do can create perceptions about you. "How you conduct yourself is directly related to career success," she told the crowd. "Do you appear professional?" she asked. She said your credibility rests on communicating confidence, which made it that much more fun as Katen moved through the audience, asking several members to participate in her examples (I was one straining to avoid eye contact with her!). One that stood out was re communicating confidence was a study that showed how someone perceives you is 55% nonverbal, and 38% is your vocal delivery or how you say something. The last 7% is the actual words you use! Choosing the wrong words can quickly reverse your success with the first two, she said. Katen included some reminders of what makes a good handshake as she got into body language, and shared some advice on how to thwart an unwanted hug from an associate: "Lock that elbow!" Among other sins she listed as poor body language were not making eye contact, not smiling, bad posture, weak handshake, crossing your arms across your chest, or too many hand gestures. She added that if attendees didn't know social etiquette, they should. "Do you know?" she asked, looking around the room. Katen then showed the room the importance of interactions and building rapport. She emphasized how sustaining rapport with business associates is important, and shared two acronyms: BLOT, for Bottom Line On Top, meaning cut to the chase when you're interacting because everyone's time is valuable; and WIIFT, What's In It For Them, because that's what people listen to. As part of her closing, Katen shared this from poet Maya Angelou, which I'd heard before and remembered. "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." NUMBERS FROM STMA ANNUAL MEETING ■ 2,700, STMA members, up 100 from last year ■ 211 Certified Sports Field Managers with more testing @ Conference ■ 12 Certified Environmental Facilities, with 18 more now in program ■ 34 Chapters, including newest one, Mid-Atlantic ■ 27 Committees, a testament to member participation STMA MEMBER OF THE WEEK Please reach out to Tomas Silvani at STMA's PR arm, Buffalo.Agency, if you are interested in being STMA Member of the Week or per- haps identified as the Stadium of the Month. or 703-635-0233. CORRECTION From our story on disasters in February issue, we misidentified Murray Cook on page 33. He is president of BrightView Sports Turf Division, not The Brickman Group. Our apologies for the mistake.

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