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BE PROACTIVE AT THE FIRST SIGN OF A SNEEZE, SNIFFLE, OR TICKLE! Our organic-certified echinacea is grown on Nutrilite's Trout Lake Farm, the largest certified organic herb farm in North America. Echinacea is pictured on the cover. PROACTIVE IMMUNITY BOOST. NUTRILITE® Triple Guard Echinacea • Uses organic-certified echinacea, guaranteed for purity and potency, and standardizes all extract levels. • Blends three extracts from two forms of the plant – two from the root and one from the leaf. • Combines both forms to give the broadest boost to your body's natural resistance.† Tablets A-5986 120 tablets $40.35 P1101B3258Y2623 Spray AA-0176 120 sprays $11.95 P326B962Y777 Each provides Triple Guard Echinacea Blend Tablets Spray 168 mg 22.1 mg NUTRILITE Citrus Multiflavonoid 33 mg – YOUR NOSE KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE. NUTRILITE CLEARGUARD® Dietary Supplement • Helps maintain clear nasal passages in three days or less with a unique blend of acerola cherries, cinnamon, and Spanish needles.† • Provides protection no matter the season. • Is all natural and vegetarian-suitable. Suggested use: Two tablets, three times per day, as needed. Each serving provides Cinnamon extract (bark) Spanish needles powder (leaf and stem) Acerola concentrate proprietary blend 10-2735 180 tablets $21.45 P584B1726Y1391 Clinical results show improved nasal clearness. High Discomfort Placebo CLEARGUARD Moderate Discomfort 150 mg 150 mg 150 mg †This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Discomfort Low 0 38 2 (5 increasing exposures over 2 hours) Nasal Irritant Challenge 4 6 8 Recovery Period Exposure to Nasal Irritants (hours) 10 VITAMINS • MINERALS • SUPPLEMENTS Nasal Discomfort Scale

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