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A NEW WAY TO A NEW YOU. NINA SICAEROS Amway Independent Business Owner using the Better Balancer™ Eating Plan Nina lost 20 pounds in 12 weeks! Nina was a self-described "couch potato" before she started the NUTRILITE® Weight Management Program Better Balancer Eating Plan. Now, she's going on 10-mile hikes and reveling in the smaller clothes she's able to wear. BEFORE "It makes me really happy to see what a big change I've made in just 12 weeks," Nina said. "I don't want to go back to being a couch potato ever again. I just don't ever want to go back to the 'before' me." She's sharing the lifestyle changes she's incorporated with others and is confident that she can follow the principles of the program for a lifetime. "In my family, I've made a revolution! My husband, my daughter, my son, my mother-in-law, my mom – they saw me starting the eating plan and they all wanted to start. It's a big impact on my family. My husband lost about 20 pounds and my mom's so skinny," she said. AFTER "I know because of this program my children are not going to have to go through a lot of obesity problems because they're going to know exactly what to do with the meal plan and the right exercise," Nina said. SUSAN COVINO Amway Independent Business Owner using the Better Balancer Eating Plan Susan lost 32 pounds in 12 weeks! Susan is now living life in full color, which is reflected in her wardrobe and in her infectious self-confidence. "I'm happy with the way I look. When I walk into a room, I have my head up and I have good posture," Susan said. "I have the complete and perfect plan for my life and I just feel more excited about accomplishing more and setting goals, because if I can do this, I can do even more." BEFORE "There are a lot of programs that are on the market today that are quick fixes. I didn't want a quick fix and from the understanding I had of this program, I knew it wouldn't be. It would be a lifestyle change," Susan said. "This program works from the inside out and it happens easily just by following the process." AFTER "I feel confident about what I did and I feel confident to share it with other people because I had success, and the only reason I had success is because I followed the program the way it's laid out," she said. "Can anybody do it? Yes, if they want to. I really believe that every single person is one or two habits away from changing their life." To hear more from Nina and Susan and to meet other satisfied NUTRILITE customers, visit Nutriliteweightmanagement.com. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee | Order through your Amway Independent Business Owner. 57 SUCCESS STORIES

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