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INGREDIENT GLOSSARY Acerola Cherry Alfalfa Allicin Alpha Carotene Alpha Lipoic Acid Amylase Annato Extract Oil Asparagus Basil Beta Carotene Biotin Birch Leaf Black Cohosh Black Currant Blackberry B-Lenium Blend Blueberry Borage Oil Boron Boswellia Serrata Broccoli Bromelain Calcium Carrot Cellulase Chasteberry Extract Chondroitin Sulfate (shark) Chromium Chromium Picolinate Cinnamon Cistanche Citrus Bioflavonoid C-Lenium Blend Coenzyme Q10 Coleus Forskohlii Extract Conjugated Linoleic Acid Copper Cranberry D-alpha tocopherol Dandelion DHA Dong Quai Extract Echinacea EGCG Elderberry Eleuthero Root Ellagic Acid EPA Essentra® Evening Primrose Oil Fiber Folate Folic Acid Garcinia Garlic Ginger Root Ginkgo Biloba Glucoamylase Glycinate Glycine Grape Grape Seed Grape Skin Grape Vine Green Tea Guar Gum Guava Gymnema Hesperidin Hops Extract Horseradish Horsetail Herb Extract Hyaluronic Acid Hydrolized Collagen Inositol Inulin 92 Immune system support, collagen builder, cellular aging fighter, free radical protection. Aids digestion, helps eye, liver, bones, and heart health; boosts immune system. Supports cholesterol levels in normal range; heart and cellular health. (Garlic) Enhances immune system; maintains healthy eye, skin, and bone health. Healthy cells, energy production, enhances antioxidant function of vitamins C and E. Aids in digestion of carbohydrates. Spice used traditionally for natural flavor and color. Helps body anti-aging, free radical protection, protective enzymes, protects normal cell growth. Provides cellular and free radical protection; enhances cardiovascular health and blood flow, protects DNA. Free radical protection, boosts immune system, promotes healthy eyes, normal cell growth. Aids energy production, healthy hair, elastic skin, and strong nails. Used to make tea, extract has tonic qualities, aids in urinary tract health. Aids in relief of menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings. Powerful antioxidant to support free radical protection. Free radical protection, protection from cellular stress, promotes heart health, normal cell growth. NUTRILITE® blend of B vitamins and selenium for free radical protection and energy production. Protects from cellular stress and free radicals, promotes normal cell growth and brain health. Aids in relief of premenstrual stresses, helps regulate immune system, supports healthy cholesterol. Trace mineral that supports normal growth, strong bones, and brain health. Clinically shown to improve joint function and flexibility in one week. Provides protective enzymes, aids normal cell growth. Enzyme from pineapple aids protein-digestion, boosts immunity, aids tissue comfort. Aids strong bones, nerves, tissues, and muscle contraction. Free radical protection, vision and heart health. Enzyme that aids in breakdown of food. Aids in relief of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms. Draws nutrient-filled fluids to tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and joints to aid mobility. Boosts metabolism of carbohydrates and helps control fat. Boosts metabolism of carbohydrates and helps control fat. Immune support for seasonal environmental changes. Supports memory, focus, and recall in healthy people. Offers free radical protection, supports circulatory health, provides immune system support. NUTRILITE C vitamin and selenium blend for free radical protection and energy production. Promotes normal cell growth, heart health, energy production, supports the liver and kidney. Assists weight loss by breaking down tissue, preventing fat tissue production, stimulates metabolism. Aids in weight management, increases preservation of lean muscle tissue (CLA). Supports cardiovascular and nervous systems; strengthens collagen, cartilage, tendons, and bones. Aids normal cell growth, heart health, protection from cellular stress, free radical protection. Provides cell, skin, heart, circulation, nerve, muscles, and red blood cell protection. (Vitamin E) Supports healthy liver function, weight loss, digestive aid, provides free radical protection. Omega-3 fatty acid to support heart and brain health. Aids in relief of hot flashes, eases premenstrual syndrome symptoms (PMS), reduces severity of mood swings. Immune system support. Free radical protection, heart health support, helps fat oxidation for weight management. (Green tea) Free radical protection, promotes heart and urinary tract health, supports normal cell growth. Enhances energy, endurance, and mental sharpness. Natural chemical compound supports immune health, free radical protection, DNA health. Omega-3 fatty acid supports heart and brain health, blood flow, immune support. Functional food ingredient for mental focus and clarity, stamina, and concentration. Essential fatty acid aids in relief of premenstrual symptoms; supports healthy cholesterol and the immune system. Maintains healthy digestive health, can curb appetite and displace fat calories, supports heart health. Source for prenatal, cardiovascular, and immune system health, natural form B vitamin. Source for prenatal, cardiovascular, and immune system health, synthetic form B vitamin. Assists weight loss with appetite suppression, reduces body's ability to form fat tissue. Supports heart health and normal cell growth; aids healthy cholesterol, boosts immune system. Relief from menstrual cramps, free radical and gastrointestinal protection, digestive help. Supports brain, memory, heart, and lung health; free radical protection, maintains normal blood flow. Aids in digestion of carbohydrates. Glucosamine sulfate (crab, shrimp) Used to produce a variety of other chemicals to build tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and the thick fluid surrounding joints. Brain and nervous system function support and flavor enhancer. Brain and nervous system function support, and flavor enhancer. Protection from cellular stress, free radical protection, normal cell growth, heart and skin health. Supports brain, skin, heart, and eye health, can improve mental alertness. Resveratrol, helps eye and heart health, provides free radical protection. Aids in healthy circulation, provides free radical protection, supports heart health. Free radical protection, weight loss, cell, lung, and liver health, arterial function. Source of soluble fiber, appetite suppression, cholesterol health. Supports cholesterol and DNA health, free radical protection. Supports glucose and heart health. Eye and joint health, immune system support, skin hydration, free radical protection, healthy cell growth and development. Relaxation and sleep quality enhancement. Protective liver enzymes, free radical protection, normal cell growth. Aids in calcium absorption, promotes nail, hair, skin, and bone health. Healthy skin, joint and cartilage protection, cell health. Skin health, strong nails, and healthy hair. Helps to provide structure to cell membranes. Digestive health and increases calcium absorption. Trademarks: Essentra (Nutragenesis LLC, Brattleboro, Vt.). INGREDIENT GLOSSARY

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