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Volume 21, Number 1

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RAZOR SHARP: THE NEW KT 3 TOBACCO CUTTER THE CUTTING EDGE OF THE FUTURE: The new KT 3 sets completely new standards. Its sharper knives not only ensure better cutting quality at a lower mouthpiece pressure, they also make light work of processing a wider range of tobacco types – such as the sensitive semi-oriental, heavily cased tobaccos or with a recon content of up to 100%. Moreover, the KT 3 is equipped for handling processes of the future, such as high-moisture cutting in combination with the new HDT 3 flash dryer. As a final touch, the knives in the KT 3 last up to ten times longer than in its predecessor. All KT 3 features can also be retrofitted on your KT 2. Contact us to find out more. FUTURE – MADE BY HAUNI

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