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Industrial Duty Vacuums MV650H (Honda Push: Hard Surfaces) MV650SPH/MV600SPE* (Self-Propelled: Turf. *Electric Start) Ideal for larger properties, commercial lots, leaf cleanup, rental, parks, city streets, school districts, or municipal festival cleanup. Picks up cans, bottles, grass clippings, litter and other debris with ease. The unit features: • 29" wide gobbler door is adjustable from the operator's position for turf, hard surfaces or closed when using the optional hose • Top loading bag slides out on rails for easy unloading • Powerful 6-blade impeller for maximum suction and debris reduction • Commercial-duty 3-speed transmission (SPH model) • Composite housing components are more abrasion resistant than steel, reduce weight, and won't rust or dent QV550/QV550H QV550HSP/QV900HSP cyclonic filtration with exclusive dust sock technology drasti- cally reduces dust in dry conditions. The volute housing and fan combination provide optimum suction power. Our industrial class hard surface machine is ideal for wide area commercial, industrial and municipal cleanup applications such as tarmacs, school campuses, hospitals, parks, churches, airport pedestrian areas, resorts, city streets and sidewalks. (Briggs or Honda) The all new QUIETVAC™ is the world's quietest vacuum. Its unique The unit features: • World's quietest vacuum • 33" wide composite intake nozzle and cyclonic hood • 6-blade armor plate steel fan; up to 12 to 1 debris reduction for composting in dry conditions • Unique volute housing and fan combination for optimum suction power • Rear turf tires and front casters for smooth fingertip maneuverability. Model MV650H MV650SPH MV600SPE* VQ902SPH** QV550 QV550H QV550HSP QV900HSP Engine 187 cc Honda 187 cc Honda 190 cc Briggs 262 cc Honda 205 cc Briggs 160 cc Honda 160 cc Honda 270 cc Honda *Electric start **While supplies last. Replaced with QUIETVAC™ 18 Setting the standard for innovation and productivity for over 40 Years. Self-Propelled Hydro Drive Hydro Drive No Yes Yes Yes No No Bag Volume 40 gal (151 ltr) 40 gal (151 ltr) 40 gal (151 ltr) 75 gal (284 ltr) 36 gal (136 ltr) 36 gal (136 ltr) 36 gal (136 ltr) 36 gal (136 ltr) Shown with See the video at optional hose kit. (Part No. 831018) Bag Mesh Turf Mesh Turf Mesh Turf Mesh Felt Mesh Turf Mesh Turf Mesh Turf Mesh Turf Weight 175 lbs. (79.4 kg) 226 lbs. (102.5 kg) 248 lbs (112.5 kg) 162 lb (73 kg) 179 lb (81 kg) 208 lb (94 kg) 278 lb (126 kg) 180 lbs (81 kg) Length 61.5" (156 cm) 61.5" (156 cm) 61.5" (156 cm) 66" (168 cm) 63" (160 cm) 63" (160 cm) 63" (160 cm) 63" (160 cm) Low dust, low noise innovation Width 29" (74 cm) 29" (74 cm) 29" (74 cm) 32.75" (83 cm) 33" (83.8 cm) 33" (83.8 cm) 33" (83.8 cm) 33" (83.8 cm) AVAILABLE! ELECTRIC START NEW!

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