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September 2012

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Pears Curator's choice A Joseph Postman selects 18 extraordinary pear cultivars from the national collection. by Richard Lehnert s curator of the nation's largest collection of pear cultivars, Joseph Postman is often asked, "What's your favorite pear?" Since his job is to organize information about pears and their character- istics, it seemed logical to create a category called "the curator's choice." There are 18 varieties on Postman's list, "just a few of my favorites," he said, and he lists them in alphabetical order: Aurora—A delicious and attractive fall pear with a Bartlett par- ent. Skin bright yellow, slightly russeted, sometimes blushed, very attractive; flesh melting, smooth, juicy, sweet, aromatic, high quality for dessert purposes; longer storage and shelf life than Bartlett; ripens with or just after. Ayers—Small but beautiful, high quality, early season. Attrac- tive red blush and very juicy. Skin golden russet with a rose tint, flesh juicy, sweet; good for eating fresh and average for canning; first picking in mid-August. Tree resistant to fireblight. Bartlett–Nye Russet—The fully russeted fruit is attrac- tive, less prone to blemishes than green Bartlett with slightly more intense flavor. Bud mutation of Bartlett. Skin deep yellow overlaid with a very attractive smooth light golden russet; resembles Bartlett, but ripens one week later, firmer, somewhat more spicy. Helping you tie up the loose ends! DRIPLOK™ Quick and economical, this long- lasting dripline holder can be installed in seconds. The built-in saddle prevents water flow restriction. Available in 1/2" and 7/8" sizes. Beurré Superfin—"Bunyard called it 'one of the best half-dozen pears,' and I heartily agree," Postman said. Medium to large in size, roundish- obovate with pointed neck and fleshy stem. Skin smooth, greenish-yellow in color, occasionally blushed. Flesh very fine, extremely juicy, quite free of grit, melting. Sweet with acidulous or vinous spicy flavor, rates among the best in dessert quality. Probably too soft to with- stand commercial handling. Midseason. Butirra Rosata Morettini—A Joseph Postman gorgeous early fall pear. Large; skin yellow with bright red blush; flesh white, juicy, flavor excellent; ripens six to seven days before Bartlett. Tree very vigorous; self- incompatible and considerably parthenocarpic; scarcely compatible with quince rootstock; peduncle thick and short; susceptible to fireblight. Dana Hovey—A favorite of Joanie Cooper, president of the Home Orchard Society. Named in honor of C.M. Hovey, author of The Fruits of America.The flavor is like Winter Prevent Replant Disease and Nematode Infestation AGLOK™ AgLok is a universal agricultural fastener designed for your vineyard and orchard tying and training needs. The AgLok comes in 11.5" strips, 150' belt- mounted boxes, and 500' spools. soil fungicide and nematicide (includes chloropicrin) with Telone* C-17 CUSTOM ORCHARD FUMIGATION Chris Ford/Dale England/Len England 509 687-9572 Chris, cell/text: 509 366-5180 Dale, cell/text: 509-860-9058 Len, cell: 509-679-7124 For your nearest dealer, contact AgFast at… Toll-Free: 877.552-4828 909.451.2299 • Fax: 909.593.8309 E-mail: P.O. Box 11, Burbank, WA 99323 Visit us at *TRADEMARK OF DOW AGROSCIENCES LLC GOOD FRUIT GROWER SEPTEMBER 2012 21 A e y r e r é s S B u r u p e r f i n application OD application TODAY! Schedule your

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