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September 2012

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GOOD TO KNOW A research report from Drs. Kate Evans and Bruce Barritt, Washington State University. WSU releases WA 38 apple Breeders are enthusiastic, describing WA 38 as having no equal in today's marketplace. T he latest release from WSU, WA 38, is an eye- catching, large, dark red apple with a remark- ably firm, crisp, and juicy texture. It also has exceptional flavor with ample sweetness and enough tartness to impart real character. When it comes to the combination of taste, texture, and beauty, WA 38 has no equal in today's marketplace—not Cripps Pink, not Jazz, and not Honeycrisp. Its outstanding eating quality, based on evaluations from 2003 to 2011, is evident when the apple is eaten directly off the tree or after medium- or long-term storage. Unlike many existing varieties, it has little reduction in quality, particularly firmness, after several months in regular storage. Therefore, it is suited to the fresh mar- ket from harvest in late September through long-term storage. As a bonus, its nonbrowning flesh will also create opportunities for use in fresh-cut packaging and fruit salads. WA 38 comes from WSU's apple breeding program which was started in 1994 by Dr. Bruce Barritt at the Tree Fruit Research and Extension Cen- ter in Wenatchee and has been managed by Dr. Kate Evans since 2008. It originates from a cross between Enterprise and Honeycrisp made in 1997. The seedling tree was selected in 2003 and propagated in 2004 for Phase 2 trials at three central Washington sites. Additional trees were propagated for larger-scale Phase 3 trial plantings in 2008 at four commercial orchards in central Washington. The WA 38 tree is upright and spreading with moderately low vigor. It is precocious, with spur development beginning on two-year-old wood. Yield is within the range of other locally grown apple cultivars. Although not resistant to powdery mildew and fireblight, it appears, from field observations, to have only moderate susceptibility. Fruit of WA 38 ripens in late September. The apple is large and round/conical with 90 to 100% of the surface covered with a red-purple blush over a green-yellow background. Skin finish is excellent with little Avoid the Orchard of No Return Replant disease can take the profit out of any orchard. Soil fumigation services offered by Trident manage replant disease and other soil-borne pathogens. Trident offers custom applications of Telone® C17, Telone C35, and Pic-Clor 60. MARCHANT LADDERS, INC. Quality Ladders Since 1978 • Buy factory direct Heavy Duty Top Bracket • BEST ladder at the BEST price • Available 6 to 16 foot Heavy Duty Bottom Step • Row and broadcast applications available • Specializing in tree fruit, hops, grape, berry, and nursery crops Telone® II, Telone C-17, and Telone C-35 are registered trademarks of Dow AgroSciences LLC. Telone II, Telone C-17, Telone C-35, and Pic-Clor 60 are restricted-use pesticides. Extra support on longer steps, all steps 3" wide "The Standard for the Serious Orchardist" Soil Fumigation Specialists Serving the Northwest for 27 years NORTHWEST, WA: Tim Purcell..........Mobile 360-630-4285 EASTERN WASHINGTON: Robert Rauert....Mobile 509-728-2004 EASTERN WASHINGTON: Jason Rainer.......Mobile 509-731-5424 THE DALLES & HOOD RIVER, OR: David Sbur ..........Mobile 971-563-8848 509-882-1912 Grandview, Washington GOOD FRUIT GROWER SEPTEMBER 2012 39 Built of sturdy, lightweight ALUMINUM— Specifically for agriculture

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