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live in good health Gracefully Aging By Bess Donoghue If you've got it, fl aunt it…or so the saying goes. But why not work to keep it? Stay in tip-top shape (in more ways than one) through the years with quick tips from local experts To roll back the clock: Catch some zzz's (regularly) How it helps: A good night's sleep not only does wonders for your mood—it refuels your body as well. To build a better night's sleep, Kellie Mack, a nurse practitioner at Wisconsin Sleep, suggests staying active throughout the day, avoiding naps after 3 p.m., and abstaining from alcoholic drinks four to six hours before bedtime. To roll back the clock: Maintain your brain How it helps: Keeping active through the years doesn't just matter for your body—it matters for your brain as well. Learn a new skill—test out a new language, take a class, or challenge your brain with a crossword puzzle, sudoku or word search say the experts at the Alzheimer's and Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin. Continuing to build additional brain cells and connections can help keep your brain healthy and your memory sharp. To roll back the clock: Dance your cares away How it helps: To keep moving through the years, don't look any further than the dance fl oor. The benefi ts of an activity like dance are numerous, explains Young Park, owner and director of Social Life Dance Center of Madison. Not only is dance a low-impact activity that can be done anywhere at any time, studies also show it may aid your brain with memory recovery as well. 12 BRAVA Magazine To roll back the clock: Mind your skin How it helps: To look as good as you feel, the steps are simple, says Dr. Kevin Robertson of Robertson Plastic Surgery and RENEW Skin Health and Laser Center. Don't underestimate the importance of a good skin care regimen, address basic medical issues with a pro, and protect your skin from direct sun exposure. Then treat your skin with antioxidants such as vitamin C, which not only helps maintain skin but offers corrective benefi ts, too. September 2012

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