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live at home Redecorate in Style Transform any space with these quick considerations from Laura Groenier, owner and interior designer at Silver Leaf Design Gallery By Camille Albert A Mid-Century Modern Night's Dream Transforming today's trends into a space to love Purists, plug your ears. There's something to be said for eclecticism—for bringing the best (or simply your favorite) pieces togeth- er in your own way. In your home interiors, it paves an easy path to transforming today's top trends into a livable space. For Danielle Danor and Lynn Kiley, de- signers at Rubin's Furniture, it's a formula for blending today's hot mid-century modern influences with all the color, style and function homeowners demand. Take this warm living space punctuated rug," Danor explains. But maybe the best thing about finding fresh ways to celebrate today's style is in that one word: Eclecticism. "Things you already own really work in a space like this," Danor says. "You can re- ally make a space your own then." by the season's trendiest hue—tangerine— in seating pieces that promise to function for you. "The chaise lounge can flip to either side The look: An eclectic take on mid-century modern style. Clean lines, varying textures and deep woods combine with today's trendy hues for a space that feels fresh, comfortable and alive. of the couch depending on your room," explains Danor. "It also has an extra sofa cushion so that the lounge piece can be re- moved an used as an ottoman." Accents offer a nod to yesterday's styles —think a deep shag rug, silver arc lamp, and glass-topped table—while unexpected updates such an ultra-soft ball (yes, that's a pilates ball!) offers comfort and attitude in a small space. Adding in pieces that can mix-and-match makes for a space that transitions with you for years to come. "We could make this space look com- pletely different just by moving the shelf, adding different pillows or a different 18 BRAVA Magazine September 2012 The functionality: Yesterday's styles are made functional for today with pieces that transition with you and your home, such as this sectional sofa with a movable otto- man that transforms a standard sofa into a chaise lounge. Best for: Those who don't like a lot of fuss in their home décor. The look is defined by a clean asesthetic, but is easy to warm up for anyone's personal style with accents that fit your home and lifestyle. Pictured: Furniture and home accents available at Rubin's Furniture, 317 E. Wilson St., Madison; (608) 255-8998 or Less is more It's an age-old adage for a reason— because it works. Too many little pieces (think candles, an overload of small picture frames and the like) and soon your "collections" take over. Remember that each room will gather small pieces over time. Start by keeping things simple and planning what your key statement pieces will be, then balance them accordingly with your smaller personal accents. Cut costs Who says you can't put together a trendy room and save money while doing it? Invest in pieces that will really work for you, but then reuse or repur- pose furniture you already have. Turn a dresser into a side table with new paint color or finish. Give artwork new life with a fresh frame. Add new throw pillows to existing seating. Sometimes utilizing simple updates can make a bigger impact than an entirely new furniture setting. Keep it livable Nobody wants to live in a museum. Cre- ate a look that's welcoming and inviting by looking to a few of today's hottest trends: Working in reclaimed-looking pieces and weathered wood alongside furniture pieces in "greige" (a mixture between gray and beige). A hue that transitions between warm and cool, it adds a level of sophistication that works with any style and any accents. Mix it up Keep your rooms feeling fresh by chang- ing them seasonally. Keeping a classic color scheme for your walls and solid finishes on upholstered furniture, it is easy to create an entirely new look in any room with updated area rugs, throw pillows and even artwork. Consider mix- ing yellows and citrus greens with your neutral base pieces to brighten up your spring and summer. Then cool down a room with pale blue and terracotta during the winter and fall. Photo by Amber Arnold

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