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September 2012

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MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER BY TAB BUCKNER The weather is a big factor when it comes to growing grass and it often dictates how busy we all are. The last couple months have been decent in western Canada for the most part, and I hope your turf has responded accordingly. I have had a few chances to check out some turf this summer and I was impressed with what I saw. REPORT TAB BUCKNER course, thanks to the speakers for taking their time to provide us an educational opportunity. To begin my report, I'm going to borrow a quote that our E.D included in this years' Research Report which I thought was fitting for what we all do for a living: "The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself." — Henry Miller The quote is especially appropriate because this is the 'Research Edition' that includes reports on projects funded by the WCTA, projects that pay incredibly close attention to specific challenges we're facing in turf management which are often a world of themselves. Researching solutions to turf problems is why the WCTA started way back in 1958 when a small group of greens and groundskeepers met to discuss problems they were having and research is still one of our main mandates today. I've found that problems don't usually go away by themselves and this is especially true when it comes to turf. In my last report, I listed some answers to questions the WCTA Board needed to address. To quickly review: 1) We will be having a conference and trade show in 2013 that will take place in Penticton March 3-5 2) We will partner with the CGSA on a joint conference in Vancouver in 2014, date to be determined 3) We have signed a deal with the STA that allows WCTA members full access to their programs and services for 1⁄2 price 4) We have partnered with the BCGSA on 5 golf TARS this year and put on a sportsfield specific TARS at Nat Bailey Stadium with 1 more planned for Victoria. That reminds me, thank you from myself and the Directors for all the hosts of the 2012 TARS events and to those who participated. As we transition this program, it's nice to see strong turnouts and of Also, congratulations on a wonderful job go to Reed Grosart of Pagoda Ridge Golf Course in Aldergrove, BC. Reed has spent the last couple years meticulously constructing and growing in the course which opened for play August 1st. I had a chance to play the 2nd day of being open and was really impressed at a job well done. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Viola Freer who like Bob Wick, has been a fixture of the WCTA for quite some time. Viola and her family have moved to Prince George for a new opportunity after having worked with us for 18 years which is longer than many of us have been members! She has worked tirelessly throughout the years and has always been a big part of the annual conference production along with her son Douglas. On behalf of all the members, thanks Viola for your dedication and best wishes for the future. There are still plenty of questions and challenges for our association that our Board will address and your input is always appreciated. We continue to make progress and will be meeting about the time you read this to catch up after the summer break and review some of our victories over the past few years. Moving into fall we have a lot of events we're participating in including the CGSA Fall Field Day, STA Field Day and NTA Conference and we encourage everyone to become involved if you can. To conclude, I wish everyone success through the last part of 2012. I hope you all get a chance to slow down at some point and reflect on a pretty good year. And don't forget to mark the Conference and Trade Show down on your 2013 calendars – March 3-5 in Penticton. To reach me, my office email is tbuckner@tol.ca and my office phone is 604.532.3504. 08 WESTERN CANADA TURFGRASS ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATION NEWS BY JERRY ROUSSEAU The Assocation can benefit you. The membership dues are only $195 per annum or $60 for a full time student. Your support for this worthwhile organization of turfgrass professionals is respectfully solicited - see below for the pitch... PROPOSITION February 2nd, 2010. The Western Canada Turfgrass Association is dedicated to turf research, education and discussion and serves over 700 members in the golf and sportsturf industry. We've been around since 1958 and that basic mandate has evolved into a variety of services, any one of which might assist you in your career. Like most industry organizations, we provide valuable programs to our members such as the following: • host an annual educational conference and trade show • publish a quarterly magazine • circulate industry job postings • track pesticide recertification credits (BC only) • print and distribute an annual member and supplier directory The WCTA is also very active with related organizations like the Allied Golf Association, the Sports Turf Association, the BCRPA, BCLNA and others. The WCTA is unique however, in that we raise and distribute funds directly to turf research projects that help our members solve problems at their jobs. Many of our educational offerings focus on professional development as well and more recently, we're keeping turf managers abreast of news articles and stories that affect them. The WCTA is also the leading voice for the professional sports turf industry in British Columbia. We correspond and liaise with several government branches, the media and special interest groups in order to support and advocate for the golf and sportsturf profession on your behalf. Our most profound involvement as of late has been tied to the issue of pesticide use. Our turf management members support the responsible use of IPM and in fact, added a statement of such to our Constitution on In British Columbia, we have made considerable efforts over the last two years advocating for IPM, knowing that a blanket ban on pesticides would have serious negative consequences for many of our members. Having said that, we realize many are already working under restrictive legislation but support the elimination of the confusing patchwork of municipal regulation in favour of a provincial approach. The WCTA is not about resisting change, rather, it stands for continual betterment of the entire industry through research, education and discussion. Understandably, busy days in the field (pardon the pun) don't leave much time to think about or keep up to changes happening all around us but the outside influences and pressures that affect you, like it or not, are greater than ever before. We're here to help. Of utmost importance for all those with a vested interest in the turf industry is to stand together and we respectfully solicit you to become a member of the WCTA to help make that possible. Membership is extremely reasonably priced at $195 per year. It is becoming more difficult to continue our advocacy work while providing a valuable range of member services and events. Government is looking toward industry groups like the WCTA to self-regulate and is downloading more onto non- government-organizations (NGO's) all the time. Whether you're a member or not, these actions eventually have a wide-reaching affect and it seems to make more sense to stand on the inside looking out rather than the outside looking in. Thank you very much and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate contacting me at exec.director@wctaturf.com. We hope to see you as a WCTA member in the near future. Sincerely, Jerry Rousseau WCTA Executive Director WCTA MEMBERSHIP VALUE IMAGE CREDIT: RAIN DESIGN

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