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EXPANDING OUR GRIP ON THE MARKET If all of us have learned one thing over the past year, it's that the future is truly unpredictable. So how do you deal with such disruption, uncertainties and unpredictability? Here's how: You create your own future. And you look to those who will be a part of it. UNIROYAL ® has been doing that for well over 100 years. And now, we're doing it in bigger and more meaningful ways than perhaps ever before. Recently, we expanded our UNIROYAL ® TIGER PAW ® line of tires so that we have a tire for virtually every passenger car and CUV/SUV on the road in America today. But beyond that, we've taken our many important attributes; affordability, reliability, durability, and attached them to a younger, more receptive audience that wants to do business with enduring brands that provide real, authentic value. UNIROYAL has always been about making your family feel secure and comfortable, both in terms of the ride we provide, and the price we charge. Now, we're talking to the newest generation of drivers as well. Those who are just beginning their careers, starting new jobs, graduating from school and who care dearly about what they get in return for what they pay. The UNIROYAL story fits perfectly with their lives and their goals. UNIROYAL provides them with one less thing to worry about, an extra boost of confidence without the extra cost associated with so many other tires. So the next time a Gen Z customer or even a Millennial walks into your store, show them that you get them. Make a loyal customer by recommending the affordable, dependable value tire that gets them where they're going in a way that lets them do what they really want to do... concentrate on their lives and their futures. the future is truly unpredictable. unpredictability? those who will be a part of it. now, we're doing it in bigger tires so that we have a tire America today. affordability, reliability, audience that wants that wants that to do value. secure and comfortable, charge. Now, we're jobs, goals.

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