October 2012

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Tools&Equipment | Mower Technology Latest mower technology from Big Three design and construction has stood the test of time and created a legacy of unparalleled quality-of-cut. Today, Jacobsen continues its storied his- tory of quality and performance with the TrueSet cutting unit, the latest innovation from Jacobsen. The company has made the industry's best cutting unit even better by making it faster and easier to adjust with in- dustry-leading holding power. It's no surprise that professional sports teams including the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and Texas Rangers all depend on Jacobsen to help provide superior field conditions. "Sports field managers are under more pressure than ever to get more done in less time," said Chris Fox, product manager for Ja- cobsen. "The idea behind the TrueSet cutting unit is to give them more time to work on other equipment and projects." "We were very careful not to tinker with any of the geometry, design or construction that made Jacobsen the leader in quality-of- cut for over 90 years," said David Withers, president of Jacobsen. "TrueSet provides the same legendary quality-of-cut sports field managers have come to expect from Jacob- sen while also giving them extra time." The bulk of the time savings provided by Toro Greensmaster Flex The lithium-ion battery technology in the series walk greensmowers The Toro new Greensmaster Flex Series of walk greensmowers delivers cutting perform- ance and innovations that improve playabil- ity, enhance productivity, and simplify service. The patented Flex suspension ensures a full range of motion so DPA cutting units can master undulations. Multiple easy-to-config- ure clip settings allow users to customize fre- quency of clip to achieve any desired turf condition. Combine these features with an ef- ficient collection system to capture all clip- pings and the result is improved turf health, after cut appearance and playability. Ease of use and reliability are hallmarks of Toro greensmowers. The new Flex and eFlex mowers feature a simple and dependable sin- gle belt drive transmission that simultane- ously transfers power to both the reel and traction drum for a consistent cut on every pass on every green for every operator. Extremely quiet and emission-free, the all- electric eFlex also includes an automated EZ- Turn feature for improved operator control and comfort. This feature automatically slows the mower down at the end of a mowing pass and speeds it up again on the return pass without sacrificing quality of cut, resulting in better control and reduced turf damage. 34 SportsTurf | October 2012 innovative eFlex takes electrical efficiency to a new level, allowing operators to mow ap- proximately 45,000 square feet on a single charge. A convenient LCD display provides an ongoing battery charge status and also dis- plays useful information such as machine hours and battery health. Also, the Toro eFlex mowers carry the En- ergySmart label, a sign of Toro's commitment to balancing environmental responsibility with economic value. Toro Flex and eFlex walk greensmowers deliver a lower cost of owner- ship and a higher level of quality, innovation and turf expertise. Jacobsen's new TrueSet cutting unit First designed by Oscar Jacobsen in 1921, the Jacobsen cutting unit has changed little over 90 years. The unit's superior geometry, Jacobsen's TrueSet cutting unit comes from an innovative bedknife-to-reel adjustment. Turf managers fine tune the TrueSet bed- knife-to-reel adjustment at two points with a gear that moves the bedbar one thousandth of an inch with an audible click. Further adding to TrueSet's ease-of-use, the adjustment is made from the top and front of the cutting unit with a ½-inch wrench, the same tool used for height-of-cut adjustment. This makes the new cutting unit much easier to reach and reduces the number of tools needed to make adjust- ments. The company was also sure to maintain its industry-leading holding power, which equates to 425-lbs. of force holding the bed- knife in place. The TrueSet cutting unit will begin ship- ping on the following 5-inch reel products this winter: ECLIPSE 2 walk mower (floating head), Greens King IV, GP 400 and ECLIPSE 322 triplex mowers, and the LF 550 and SLF- 1880 5-gang reel mowers. Turf managers fine tune the TrueSet bedknife-to-reel adjustment at two points with a gear that moves the bedbar one thousandth of an inch with an audible click.

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