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December 2017 | Overdrive | 37 wild guesses, in my view. We feel [the OOS delay] is a responsible approach to a new rule implementation. We're not here to impede commerce, and the hours of service isn't changing. There's no reason we can't have a reasonable phased-in enforcement approach." Asked whether most state depart- ments would be ready to roll out the new central software to analyze ELD logs by Dec. 18 given the scant six-to- seven weeks between the first Train The Trainer event and the deadline, Mooney notes "we would have liked to have had it sooner, but we're going to be OK." Wyrick, meanwhile, says much the same about enforcement in his state. Trainers were set to go out to "port-of- entry officers and troopers" the second full week of November to download the software to troopers' and inspectors' computers and school them on eRODS. An FMCSA spokesman declined to comment on the schedule of its Train The Trainer events, saying anything having to do with enforcement training fell under the "enforcement tactics and methods" category of information and is "not releasable, even through a Freedom of Information Act request." The spokesman, however, reiterates the agency's line on the rule: full speed ahead. "FMCSA and its state and local enforcement partners likewise have been utilizing the past two years to plan and to prepare," he says. "The enforce- ment training schedule remains precise- ly on track." HD TRUCK MATTRESSES Find out more at www.bostromseating.com 10-SERIES SO COMFORTABLE, YOU'LL NEVER COUNT THESE GUYS AGAIN™ 1-800-459-7328 | www.facebook.com/bostromseating FMCSA specialist LaTonya Mimms urges drivers to know key things about the type of e-logs technology they're using Dec. 18 and afterward. Automatic onboard recording devices installed prior to Dec. 18 will be allowed through December 2019, after which all carriers subject to the mandate must use a self-certifi ed device included in FMCSA's registry of devices. Apart from AOBRDs, the requirement to use a registry-listed ELD still goes into effect Dec. 18, raising the question of the requirement's enforcement. Mimms suggests it will depend on what device the driver tells the offi cer he is using. Most ELD makers have certifi ed their products, though at press time some exceptions among major provid- ers remained. Access an up-to-date online listing showing registry certifi cation and more for dozens of ELDs at OverdriveOnline. com/2015ELDChart. For FMCSA's regis- try, visit CSA.FMCSA.DOT.gov/ELD/list. AOBRDS, ELD CERTIFICATION

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