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December 2017 | Overdrive | 51 HP2000 Xtreme Parks' HP2000 Xtreme has a reinforced frame and weather-sealed lid to handle extreme temperatures and rough condi- tions. The unit's high-efficiency heat pump system and alternator/inverter combination are engineered to provide 20,000 Btu cooling and 20,000 Btu heating with less componentry. The light- weight low-maintenance unit has no generator head, and its electric-start two-cylinder Kohler diesel engine can run at a low 1,800 rpm for smooth, quiet 65-decibel operation and added fuel economy. Easy-to-operate control systems include calendar start, coolant temperature and low-battery start, as well as auto heating and cooling. A plug-and-play cabling system and internal condenser are designed for quick installa- tion. A larger lid facilitates easy service, and a powder-coated cabinet helps resist corrosion. Parks Industries, HP2000APU.com PowerCube Slim Perrin's PowerCube Slim APU is built to fit the mount- ing space requirements of most sleeper cabs. The APU uses a two-cylinder Caterpillar CO.5i diesel power plant to deliver 24,000 Btu cooling and 30,000 Btu heating and has an integrated condenser for quieter operation. Units come with mounting hardware, a wire harness system, an integrated muffler, a fuel pickup apparatus, an under-bunk HVAC unit, flexible ductwork and a handheld digital temperature control unit. The device is available in custom colors to match cab bodies and also can be fully finished in chrome. Perrin Manufacturing, PerrinMfg.com RigMaster RigMaster's MTS-T46K model is a fully self-contained standalone generator with a 2-cylinder Tier 4-certified Kohler engine and multiple auto-start features. The AC generator provides 6,000 watts at 120 volts, and the alternator provides 60 amps for battery charging. The light, quiet and small unit – 25 inches deep, 25 inches wide and 28.5 inches high – delivers 24,000 Btu cooling at 600 CFM and 13,500 Btu heating. The generator's compact HVAC box – 12.5 inches deep, 15.5 inches wide and 8.5 inches high – allows for easy access to all components, and its serpentine belt system helps reduce maintenance. The unit is designed for fast, simple installation for a variety of mounting applications and can fit on short-wheelbase trucks. RigMaster, RigMasterPower.com TriPac Evolution Thermo King's TriPac Evolution APU uses R-134a refrigerant and is designed to provide 7,500 Btu heating at 2,200 watts (13,600 Btu heating at 3,986 watts optional) and 13,000 Btu cooling at 3,810 watts. The APU weighs 345 pounds (70-pound HVAC system) and is powered by a Tier 4-certified 2-cylinder die- sel engine and a 14.5-volt 65-amp alternator (120-amp alternator optional). It also is engi- neered to provide power to run appliances and has a 2,000-hour maintenance interval. The TriPac HMI Controller features a three- knob design to facilitate easy operation. Thermo King, ThermoKing.com at 120 volts, and the alternator provides 60 amps for battery charging. The light, quiet Perrin Manufacturing, PerrinMfg.com 2,200 watts (13,600 Btu heating at PowerCube Pro Tridako's PowerCube Pro, now housed in 16-gauge stainless steel, is a single-unit APU engineered for controlling and managing all in-cab air and power. The condenser unit is located inside the main engine compartment and works through a single fan, so there's no third piece of equipment to mount. The com- pany's proprietary FastAir component technology is designed to pull more BTUs with one less moving part and faster cooling (24,000 Btus) and heat- ing (30,000 Btus) of living space. The 28-inch-wide APU is an indepen- dent genset isolated from the truck's system; if the truck goes down, the unit will continue to provide power. It is powered by a three-cylinder Caterpillar c0.7 Tier 4-certified diesel engine that consumes 0.3 gallons per hour, a 60-amp 2,200-rpm alternator and a 6-kW McMillan generator. The APU meets SAE-certified J1503 test- ing for fuel savings and performance. Tridako Energy Systems, PowerCubeAPU.com

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