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December 2017 | 28 Trickle down Technology is expensive at first but costs typically drop rapidly. New technology shows up first on larger equipment where its high initial cost is a small percentage of the total cost of the machine. As costs come down, these features can migrate to smaller, lower-priced machines. For example, Komatsu full-size excavators used common-rail injection first, while their compact excavators stayed with less-expensive unit injectors. As common rail systems and their electronic control modules came down in price, Komatsu added them to smaller excavators. Common rail provides cooler fuel and more precise injection control. This helps meet Tier 4 Final emissions requirements but also maximizes engine performance and reduces fuel consumption. The HiMATE remote management system (telemat- ics) was first available only on Hyundai full-size HX crawler and HW wheeled excavators and HL900 Series wheel loaders. It has now been brought in as standard equipment on three of the company's compact excavators, the R55-9A, R60CR-9A and R80CR-9A, as well as the R55W-9A compact wheeled excavator. Hyundai provides five years' free use of HiMATE in its cellular configuration. Satellite con- nectivity is available with the purchase of additional equipment and a subscription. HiMATE can monitor a specific machine or any combination of multiple Hyundai wheel loaders and excavators. machine matters | continued The 14.9-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine on the Takeuchi TB216H can be used for normal operations and to bring the machine to a site where the 14.2-horsepower electric motor is used to meet air-quality or other concerns. A 400- to 480-volt, three-phase power source allows 100 percent emissions-free operation. Maximum bucket breakout force is 4,250 pounds. Maximum dig depth is 7 feet, 10 inches. New Holland's line of compact excavators consists of six new models, from the 1.7-metric-ton E17C to the 6-metric-ton E60C. Features of C Series machines include an auto-shift travel system that responds to load and an Engine Start Limit anti-theft system. They also feature auto idle, which drops engine speed to idle when there's no operator input on the stick and automatically returns to the throttle setting when the operator moves the stick. The Kubota KX033-4 shares features with larger models such as a bigger cab, five dash-controlled presets for auxiliary circuits and a standard hydraulic diverter valve. Maximum auxiliary flow is 15.8 gallons per minute. Maximum bucket breakout force is 8,138 pounds. Power comes from a Tier 4 Final Kubota engine rated at 24.8 gross horsepower.

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