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December 2017 | 30 Some technology trickles down from other industries. The TB216H from Takeuchi is a dual- power machine with a 14.9-horsepower Tier 4 Final diesel engine and a 14.2-horsepower electric motor. The power sources feature separate pump groups, so performance is the same in either die- sel or electric mode. Operational controls are also the same for each. The TB216H is well-suited for jobs with accessibility, noise or air-quality con- cerns. Examples include plumbing, landscaping and interior demolition. Wacker Neuson offers the 803 compact exca- vator as a conventional diesel machine or as a dual-power machine with a separate plug-and-play electro-hydraulic unit. Performance is comparable with either power source: maximum 5.3 gallons per minute and 2,466 pounds per square inch for work- ing and drive circuits with the diesel engine; 5.2 gpm and 2,756 psi with the HPU8 electro-hydraulic unit. The HPU8 has a three-phase, 480-volt, 16-amp motor. Two openings are inset on the dozer blade of the 803 for carrying the HPU8. There's also a lift eye on top of the unit and four tie-down lugs for safer transport. In May, Volvo unveiled the EX2 fully electric prototype compact excavator. The traditional diesel engine is replaced with two lithium-ion batteries totaling 38 kilowatts. Hydraulic cylinders are re- placed with electromechanical linear actuators. "At this stage, the EX2 is purely a research project, and there are currently no plans for industrialization (production)," says Volvo. Attachments Compact excavators are as much tool carriers as excavators, so most are available with two-way auxiliary hydraulics, which are required for com- mon attachments such as thumbs and grapples. With the arrival of modern hydraulics, the catalog of attachments has grown significantly. Young says Deere and Hitachi will soon launch three plate compactors. The PC-4 will go on the 26, 30 and 35 models; the PC-7 on the 50 and 60, and the PC-10 on the 60 only. All pre-production work has been completed, but production had not started as of press time. To maximize flexibility with attachments, Doosan offers both hydraulic and wedge-lock couplers on their two compact excavators, the conventional-tails- wing DX63-3 and the reduced-tailswing DX85R-3. A power tilting coupler is also available for the DX63- 3. A roller switch on the right-hand joystick adjusts auxiliary hydraulic flow. Blade float is standard on both models so operators can smoothly back-drag an area. machine matters | continued Bobcat R-Series excavators use a standard dual-flange track roller system that extends the undercarriage structure closer to the track's edge. This provides up to 15 percent more over-the-side capacity and greater stability. An integrated rear counterweight further enhances stability and lowers the ma- chine's center of gravity. The E32 and E35 are available now; an E85 will launch soon. The new John Deere 30G brings G Series features to the 3- to 4-metric-ton range including standard pattern changer and standard hand-controlled proportional auxiliary hydraulics. Compared to the previous 27D, the 30G has 22 percent more bucket force, 11 percent more arm force and a 16 percent increase in hydraulic flow.

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