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December 2017 | 68 The Multi-DigNRip Bucket for back- hoes and excavators is designed to replace hammers, blasting and rock trenchers by delivering wider, higher capacity rock ripping. Made by Leading Edge Attach- ments, the company says the bucket will save owners money through higher production because it rips rock up to four times faster than hammers and 10 times faster than a single pointed ripper. The bucket has three high-strength teeth on the front and three on the back, and it rips rock one tooth at a time. It acts similarly to a trencher when the bucket is rolled. That rolling action creates a trench with relatively flat bottom and sides, the company says. Leading Edge designed the bucket's back to conform to the arc of the rippers to prevent premature bottom wear. Because the force spreads evenly from one tooth to the next, the bucket goes easy on the machine it is attached to. The shank-on-arc (SHARC) technology with shorter shanks also delivers tooth force that is about 8.5 times greater than a standard five-tooth bucket, the company says. The shanks are the same distance from the stick pivot, so the bucket will rip a relatively flat bottom. The Multi-DigNRip was developed by combining the company's high-force Multi-Ripper Bucket and its high-capacity DigNRip Bucket. It works on backhoes and excavators from 3 to 120 metric tons. Clearing the air E-Z Drill's Dust Collection System attaches to any of the company's drill models, from single- to five-gang machines, or can be retrofitted to attach to existing units, the company says. It is designed to meet federal silica dust rules that took effect September 23. The company says its exhaust systems had already been meeting those standards for 15 years. The vacuum system uses the same air compressor as the concrete dowel drill to collect dust directly from the drilled holes and store it in a collector. That reduces operator exposure and prevents dust from blowing into nearby traffic or, when working on bridge repairs, into nearby water. Combining higher force and capacity Attachments supplement Get a Dust Collection System. Get a Dust Collection System. LEFT IN THE DUST. BOOTH C6479 Concerned about OSHA's new crystalline silica regulations? Clear the air with E-Z Drill's Dust Collection System. It easily connects to both new and existing units. You can breathe easy and know your jobsite meets OSHA Table 1 requirements. C L E A N A I R M A D E E -Z . THE YELLOW DRILL WILL | 1-800-272-0121

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