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Forty-six 4x4 treated posts sup- port the port the port fence, and prior to prior to prior installation they were wrapped with 1" x " x " 6" ce- " ce- " dar boards dar boards dar in Dennisville's own cedar fabrication facility and painted white. Dennisville Fence Company mar- keting manager Marc manager Marc manager Einbinder picks Einbinder picks Einbinder up the story from the historical stand- point: "Our customer met an antique dealer in dealer in dealer the Oley, Penn. area who was selling old fence pickets," Ein- binder said. binder said. binder "It turns "It turns "It out that out that out these that these that they began to fall apart one by one. In 1928-29, Henry Ford, who had be- come a close friend of Edison, decided to construct a replica of the of the of Menlo Park complex Park complex Park at Greenfield Village, near Dearborn, Mich. The surplus fencing not used not used not in Dearborn was stored in a barn owned by Dr. Donald Shelley, the executive director of director of director the of the of Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village," he said. estate contacted Dennis- ville Fence to see if we could use them to make a new fence for the for the for prop- erty in Cape May," Einbinder said. Einbinder said. Einbinder "The Edison pickets are pine, and the homeowner had homeowner had homeowner them painted white. The posts are standard pressure treated, but we but we but wrapped them in cedar which was also painted white. The top and bottom rails are cedar and cedar and cedar painted white as well," he said. Dennisville Fence IV notes already cedar fence cedar fence cedar see if the if the if from the which he went off went off went "The posts returned sections the profes- company all of our of our of had a hand came out stranger projects, and the com- "special" high end materials. hits close Thomas Edison and we re- we con- items that fence pro- contractors and said. (For holds 10 Some of their of their of most familiar most familiar most products familiar products familiar resulting from these patents and trademarks are list- ed at the at the at end of this of this of story.) "It was "It was "It a no brainer to brainer to brainer us to try and help Mr. and Mrs. Inverso fulfill their vision. their vision. their I think it's think it's think awesome be- cause it's really cool to be involved with such a nice project using project using project materi- als that are that are that at least at least at 100 least 100 least years old. "Being able to take part in part in part this project was not only a pleasure, but also but also but very rewarding personally, the company takes company takes company on a half dozen half dozen half "special" jobs "special" jobs "special" that utilize that utilize that either very either very either high very high very end or extremely or extremely or unique extremely unique extremely materials. continued on continued on continued page 6 JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY 2018 2018 2018 JANUARY 2018 JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY 2018 JANUARY 2018 JANUARY 2018 JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY 2018 JANUARY & Industrial Fencing Solutions Residential, Commercial 888-487-3448 g IRONWORLDFENCING.COM Manufactured In-House! Ship Anywhere in USA! CUSTOM SIZE WALK GATES Hidden Fastener Steel Prosper In 2018 Using Iron World Products! Call About Our Winter Truckload Pricing Pipe Specials! Order Now for Spring Deliveries. for Spring Deliveries. No Payments Due Until 90 Days After Shipping! VISIT US AT THE SHOW! Booth 607

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