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December 2012

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Early Robin® This early Rainier-type cherry matures 7-10 days before standard Rainier. Early Robin® should not be used. mild in flavor and medium to large in size. Early Robin® requires a pollinizer but Van USPP#13,951 is Aztec Fuji® New Zealand. It has the sweet juicy flavor, crisp texture and harvest maturity of standard Fuji. Aztec is a blush type and observations show it to be one of the highest coloring Fuji sports to date. Aztec Fuji® is a protected trademark of Waimea Variety Management Ltd. Aztec Fuji® is a high colored Fuji sport from DT2 variety Buckeye® A young, high-density sweet cherry orchard trained to the UFO system. Buckeye® Gala that we have seen to date. Buckeye® develops well through the summer heat and the fruit finishes with a bright, full red color. USPP# 10,840 Additional Varieties Ambrosia™ Blondee™ Cameo® Gala: brand Chrisolyn™ Jonathan Granny Smith Jonastar™ Jonagold Pink Lady® Brand RubyMac® Snowsweet® Spartan Zestar!® Buckeye® Gala Ultima Gala® Early Fuji: Morning Mist™ Rising Sun® Braeburn: Kumeu Crimson® Mariri Red™ Brookfield® Gala (Baigent CV) From New Zealand we bring you Brookfield,® the ultimate striped Gala.The bold red stripe over its red background is the obvious improvement. The apple's early color permits proper harvest timing for best storage maturity, flavor retention, and customer satisfaction. USPP# 10,016 Willow Drive Nursery, Inc. Call Toll Free: 1-888-548-7337 A standard density cherry tree. 3539 Road 5 NW, Ephrata, WA 98823, GOOD FRUIT GROWER DECEMBER 2012 21 Gala is the highest coloring Gala Gala Honeycrisp Introduced in 1991, Honeycrisp is creating quite an interest with commercial growers. The well- balanced, sub-acid flavor combined with a crisp, juicy texture make for an enjoyable eating experience. PHOTO BY MELISSA HANSEN PHOTO BY MELISSA HANSEN Willow Drive Nursery Call Now for Availability

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