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proponents ings. years Harriet, nents ASTM Anchor found the tronomer, his bient the the cedar the full – withstand ly The upright posts upright posts upright are 4" OD 40 wt., driven 6 feet deep. feet deep. feet Rear diagonal Rear diagonal Rear supports are 3" OD 40 wt., seated 15 feet behind feet behind feet the fence. Front diagonal and horizontal supports are 3" OD 40 wt. Three steel pipe anchors driven at a at a at 45 degree an- gle are installed on both the upright posts and rear support rear support rear pipes. support pipes. support These are 2" 40 wt. x 7' long, attached with custom-made brackets to the upright posts and the rear diagonal rear diagonal rear supports. namental, rigid PVC, and composite fence. As with concrete footings, wind, height, percent of percent of percent fence of fence of closure, gates, etc., will determine the length and size of the of the of drive anchors to be installed, ASTM noted. F3151-17 also details installation procedures. One important item important item important that is that is that high- lighted in F3151-17 states, "This standard does not purport not purport not to purport to purport address The customer, The customer, The an enthusiastic an enthusiastic an amateur enthusiastic amateur enthusiastic astronomer amateur astronomer amateur who astronomer who astronomer values who values who the values the values dark the dark the rural dark rural dark location and location and location lack and lack and of lack of lack ambient of ambient of light ambient light ambient for light for light stargazing, for stargazing, for feels that feels that feels some that some that light some light some from light from light a from a from neighboring house neighboring house neighboring still house still house reaches still reaches still his reaches his reaches homesite, his homesite, his and is and is and considering is considering is having considering having considering Qual having Qual having Line extend Line extend Line the extend the extend height the height the of height of height the of the of fence the fence the by fence by fence six by six by feet. six feet. six The structure The structure The is structure is structure fabricated is fabricated is from fabricated from fabricated quite substantial quite substantial quite and substantial and substantial heavy and heavy and duty heavy duty heavy materials, duty materials, duty necessary to necessary to necessary withstand to withstand to load withstand load withstand from load from load the from the from predominantly westerly predominantly westerly predominantly winds. westerly winds. westerly No concrete No concrete No footings concrete footings concrete were footings were footings used were used were on used on used the on the on job, the job, the with Qual Line Qual Line Qual opting Line opting Line to opting to opting utilize to utilize to a utilize a utilize drive a drive a anchor drive anchor drive system anchor system anchor to system to system support to support to driven support driven support steel driven steel driven posts, steel posts, steel a practice a practice a they practice they practice have they have they long have long have advocated. long advocated. long (Qual Line (Qual Line (Qual Fence Line Fence Line Corp. Fence Corp. Fence photos) continued on continued on continued page 6 APRIL APRIL 2018 2018 attach cross- the & Industrial Fencing Solutions Residential, Commercial Ornamental Slide Gates Iron Panels & Gates Aluminum Panels & Gates 866-310-2747 g IRONWORLDFENCING.COM Manufactured In-House! Ship Anywhere in USA! Your Iron Store & So Much More!

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