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July 2014 | Overdrive | 25 Smart tires cross-trained for durability and verifi ed fuel savings Double Coin built the OptiGreen™ Series for people driven to ride on more than a strong and durable tire. The EPA SmartWay ® Verifi ed, ultra premium OptiGreen Series reduces rolling resistance and lowers fuel costs. That's why more and more carriers insist on Double Coin to meet their needs in performance and savings. FT125 ©2014 CMA, LLC. STRENGTH & ENDURANCE STRENGTH & TIRES FOR THOSE COMMITTED TO Fuel Effi cient Tire Line www.doublecointires.com Date: 06/04/14 Client: CMA Job #: 01412014 File Name: 0141-CMA-Tire-Ad-OV-July Account Director: Editor: Designer: jb Revised By: dr Production: jb Color: 4C/Process Trim: 3.375" x 9.5" Bleed: Safety: 0"× 0" Fold: 0" Publication(s): Overdrive Run Date(s): July 2014 Approved By: Special Instructions: Page 1 Untitled-25 1 6/16/14 8:52 AM havioral Analysis and Safety Improvement Category score under the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program. In nearly three years since implementation, the compa- ny's Unsafe Driving BASIC ranking has fallen nearly 100 percentage points to among the best such scores in its peer group. James Berry of Bulkmatic's Southeast region, speaking at the ALK Transport Technology Summit in May, noted a recent accident involving the company that included a fatality. "We've already exonerated that driver," he said, using video captured by the SmartDrive SR3 cameras. The existence of a video record of an accident is con- sidered a "double-edged sword" by many fleet represen- tatives. Others view it as a plus even in cases where the truck driver is demonstrably at fault because the video record heads off attorney's fees that would have been wasted on a losing battle in court. Some drivers at fleets with dual-camera systems are using them manually themselves for other reasons. Chief among them at Bulkmatic, says Berry, is to head off an irresponsible four-wheeler's call-in complaint: The most common manual activation of the SmartDrive cameras is when a four-wheel- DriveCam's dual cameras are housed in a single unit that typically mounts high and near the center of the windshield, capturing images of the road and driver. Independent Brad Willis uses a Blue Tiger video camera on the windshield of his Freightliner Columbia. "You can set it for the amount of force needed to make it record," he explains. Otherwise, "it will record in a loop on a mini-SD card," saving over itself unless trig- gered manually or by a force incident, such as a hard bump or braking maneuver. Courtesy of Lytx Video_Cameras.indd 25 6/26/14 9:54 PM

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