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August 2014 | Overdrive | 29 EquipmEnt THE WORLD'S TOUGHEST Soaked in our proprietary 9-cleaning-agent formula, these extra large 10" x 12" wipes are built to withstand vigorous scrubbing and your toughest messes. BIGGER. STRONGER. Knocks out dried paint, grease, tar, ink, food and drink spills, scuff marks, dirt, and other tough messes. TOUGHER. TOUGHEST WIPES ©2014 Federal Process Corporation. All rights reserved. tubotowels.com Look for Tub O' Towels ® at leading retailers, including: Untitled-7 1 6/3/14 10:19 AM Text INFO to 205-289-3555 or visit www.ovdinfo.com Component supplier ZF show- cased new commercial vehicle sys- tems last month in western Germa- ny, including a system that allows a driver to park a truck from outside the cab using a tablet computer. The prototype Smart Truck Maneuvering System was fitted on ZF's Innovation Truck test vehicle that features a hybrid-electric drive mated to a highly sophisticated remote control system. In tight or potentially hazardous surroundings, a driver can leave the cab and use a tablet computer to move the truck on electric power. ZF also debuted a dual-clutch automated manual transmission, the Traxon AMT. It is ZF's succes- sor to its ASTronic AMT, which will continue in production for the foreseeable future. Traxon builds on the advances in software and computing power that have occurred since the AS- Tronic's introduction, with an eye toward increasing safety, comfort and control. "At ZF, we see the engine as the heart of a truck, but today, the automated transmission is the brains of the truck," said Frederik Staedtler, global head of ZF's com- mercial vehicle operations. With Traxon's predictive cruise control, software is tied in with GPS systems to anticipate upcoming terrain, then adjust gear selection and shift patterns as well as throttle input accordingly. When a steep grade is approach- ing, the AMT's software begins building additional torque and speed to avoid deceleration. Like- wise, if the system detects a long downgrade, it dials down throttle levels to maximize fuel economy. A dual clutch is designed to provide smooth, seamless shifts – even when fully loaded at highway speeds – making the automated manual transmission shift and feel like a full automatic transmission with a torque converter. Meritor is working on a electron- ic control system designed to en- hance gear efficiencies inside its truck axles. The system already is demonstrating a fuel economy improvement of 0.5 percent com- pared to conventional truck axle systems, said Fabio Santinato, chief axle engineer. At a press briefing May 22 at Meritor's axle plant near Milan, Italy, Santinato told truck journalists about the new 17X Logic Drive sys- tem, which he said offers significant enhancements in fuel economy for long-haul applications. Because "oil splash" inside the axle causes a parasitic horsepower loss, the engine must burn more fuel to turn the gears. Santinato said engineers are working with Logic Drive prototypes that will use electronic control modules to add or reduce oil in the axle to meet driving conditions and enhance fuel economy. Meritor: Fuel-saving axle system ZF: Parking by remote control With the ZF technology, a truck can be backed and parked from outside the cab.

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