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EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT 15 AGGREGATES MANAGER October 2014 Metso's new Nordberg NP15 impact crusher takes you 3 steps forward: t 4UFFQFSGFFEBOHMFJNQSPWFT crushing performance t "VUPNBUJPOBOETNBSUXFBSQBSU design increase cost efficiency t /FXQBSUSFBSGSBNFNBLFT maintenance easier and safer Introducing the new Nordberg NP15 impact crusher NP15 3 steps forward equipment used in rugged applications such as dewatering ag- gregate mines. Electric submersible pumps have three main wear parts: the impeller, seal, and sha. A drop of preventive maintenance goes a long way with all of them. Since the seal is one of the most critical parts of a pump, it's important to check the seal oil as oen as once a week in heavy- use applications and refill it as needed. is will ensure the seal remains properly lubricated and watertight. Inspecting hoses and cables for damage should be on your weekly checklist, too, especially if they are exposed to the ele- ments or in areas where traffic could cause damage. Typically, a damaged pump hose is easy to spot, as you'll see water flowing from the hose. A damaged cord, on the other hand, might not be as noticeable, and, if le unrepaired, could be a danger to person- nel or short the motor. For pumps in permanent applications, you'll also want to take them out of service about every four months to thoroughly inspect internal components such as the impeller and sha. Damage to these areas can allow water to leak into the pump and damage components. is also is a good time to change the seal oil as it can become thick and gummy over time and cause the pump to burn out. Don't forget to shut down the power supply before performing any maintenance to eliminate the risk of injuries. Finally, keep a backup pump on hand to keep water flowing if your pump breaks down or when you take your primary pump out of service. Go with the flow e longevity and performance of your pump all trickles down from the preventive maintenance practices you perform. From the time you purchase a pump to the last day it's on site, a clear pre- ventive maintenance plan will keep water moving and productivity flowing in the right direction. AM Joe Moser is the pump product line manager at Atlas Copco Construction Equipment. 7H[W,1)2WRRUYLVLWZZZDJJPDQFRPLQIR

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