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AGGREGATES MANAGER October 2014 3 by Therese Dunphy, Editor-in-Chief EARLY THIS YEAR T he process of buying property and developing a greenfield site can be daunting. Testing must be conducted to ensure the presence of economically viable reserves. Environmental impact studies must be performed to ensure the well-being of people, flora, and fauna near the proposed site. Meetings before planning commissions and zoning boards must be addressed. Environmental groups that protest the pillaging of nature must be countered with scientific research. These steps are a common part of the process. While operators might hope for a less contentious, more fact-based decision-making process, most can work through the crucial communication issues and appeal to the rational side of local decision-makers. Honesty and a sincere desire to create solutions that meet the needs of all are often met with open minds and good outcomes, at least eventually. At Aggregates Manager's press time, the University of South Carolina and Vulcan Materials Co. were both about to bid on a 298-acre parcel going to auction due to a bankruptcy case. The land is located behind USC's Gamecock Park, and Vulcan's interest drew the attention of environmentalists and neighbors from the outset. Just over a week before the auction, The State reported that the director of the local environmental group declared that if Vulcan won the auction, the group would oppose rezoning for the land. That's not particularly surprising. What was a little more unexpected, and aggravating, was the decision of two County Council members to issue statements saying they would oppose the mine before the auction had even taken place. At a meeting of the environmental group and concerned neighbors, County Council Member Seth Rose went so far as to say, "That football program and this university has a huge economic impact on the Midlands, and I don't want to see what the university's invested down there being tainted by a rock quarry next door." Rose's term expires this year, so his statements may have been political grandstanding to garner attention and votes. It's an interesting gambit in a county that is home to five surface aggregates operations. No matter what his intent, the comment indicates an unwillingness to seek an outcome that benefits both the community and the company. Rose also failed to note that he is a USC graduate and may not be an impartial party in any future decision- making process. Whether or not Vulcan wins the bid for the land remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: When it comes to Rose, the former Gamecock is a turkey. 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Turkey Comes 3 takeaways from this issue: 1 2 3 A super-elevated curve will allow haul trucks to maintain their downhill speed throughout a curve without applying the brake, page 17. A simple evaluation of a manager's emails can highlight the importance of safety within the company, page 26. With the simple change of "will" to "could," MSHA's proposed penalty changes would lessen its burden to establish S&S criteria, page 32.

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