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States Step Up Funding With the federal government in grid- lock over the transportation budget, states are increasingly stepping up their own funding efforts. Fourteen states have raised the state gas tax since 2013 while North Carolina, Washington, Tennessee, Minnesota and New Jersey are considering it. A growing number of states are indexing the tax to the Consumer Price Index, ensuring revenues will keep pace with inflation. In November, Texans will be asked to amend the constitution to dedicate $2.5 billion of the general sales tax to the highway fund as well as a portion of future motor vehicle sales taxes begin- ning in 2020. Rocky Moretti, director of policy and research for TRIP, believes the trend toward increased state funding is significant. "Aer years of flat funding, state legislatures are recognizing that they are going to have to solve their own transportation problems," said Moretti. Public private partnerships are another funding tool that can be used by states, however Black cautions that they are not the only answer. "e situation has to be right to use a P3," said Black. Among those requirements is a revenue stream. ey also work best with new construction projects. "We found about 65 percent of the projects have occurred in eight states," said Black. Success at the State Level Success in raising fuel taxes and tying those taxes to an index at the state level begs the question, "Why have we been unable to do the same nation- ally?" Tymon believes it has to do with the inability to tell the story at the federal level. "At the state level we seem to be doing a better job of communicating what we are going to deliver for increasing the gas tax," said Tymon. "We are not able to do that at the federal level. Nationally it is harder to get folks to buy in to it." "State legislatures are closer to the problem," said Moretti. "ey are dealing with the businesses in their own communities and that seems to be what is driving state legislatures." AED recognizes the increasing significance of state programs. "Whatever (continued on next page) July 2015 | Construction Equipment Distribution | www.cedmag.com | 29 ϵϯйΎ ϰϱй ϱϰй ϰϵйΎ ϲϴйΎ ϴϳйΎ ϳϯй ϰϵй ϰϵйΎ ϲϰйΎ ϳϬйΎ ϳϴйΎ ϳϭй ϰϵй ϰϵй ϲϯйΎ ϰϳй ϲϰй ϱϵй ϲϱй ϱϱй ϯϵй ϰϭй ϱϰй ϰϰйΎ ϲϮй ϲϱйΎ ϲϴйΎ ϱϴйΎ ϱϰй ϰϲй ϱϳй ϰϴйΎ ϲϮйΎ ϯϵй ϱϳйΎ ϲϭйΎ ϲϮйΎ ϯϴй ,/ ϳϵй ,/ ϳϵй ϳϵй sd ϴϲй d ϳϭй Z/ ϭϬϮйΎ ϰϭйΎ E: ϯϱйΎ D ϰϴйΎ ϱϮйΎ E, ϲϴйΎ ϱϬйͲϲϵй D ϯϳй ϰϴй KǀĞƌϳϬй ϯϱйͲϰϵй )HGHUDOIXQGVRQDYHUDJHSURYLGHRIDQQXDOVWDWH'27 FDSLWDORXWOD\VIRUKLJKZD\ EULGJHSURMHFWV

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