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April 2015 | Construction Equipment Distribution | www.cedmag.com | 31 breath. Are heavy equipment manu- facturers and dealers responsive to the needs of your industry? Luck: Everyone has gone through a downsizing to match demand with production. Yet across the board, equipment manufacturers have the desire and the resources to produce what is needed. But they need to see a multiple-year view of construction projects. A six-year transportation plan gives manufacturers the confi- dence to invest, hire and put equip- ment into production, knowing they have a window to get a return on the investment. One year at a time, they don't know what the future holds. CED: How might equipment dealers better meet expectations of the industry? Luck: Equipment dealers are an extension of manufacturers and also have to go through the same reinven- tion as market conditions change. Certainly you have variability among dealers, one dealer to the next, some being more responsive than others. However, when you look across the country, they are very responsive. Manufacturers and dealers work collaboratively with their customers and generally are proactive about producing what customers need. e days of "take whatever we make" are over; the world is too competitive now. If there was ever a time when that became clear, it was during the last five to six years. Everyone had to refocus on customers. CED: Luck Companies has raised the bar in human resources with its Values Based Leadership program. How do you describe the program? Luck: Values Based Leadership offers tools and training that help people unlock their potential. Over the last 12 years, we have been a deep student of this subject. We have consulted with some of the best sources globally and have developed a process. Everybody has the potential and capacity to impact other people, so we are trying to teach and sharpen the skills on how people interact. It is supported by a lot of science and research over the last 30 years. Our work has proven that by using Values Based Leadership, you can improve the performance of a person at home and at work, and have an organization working at a higher level. We call ourselves a practitioner, not a consultant. We actually do it, and experience success with it more oen than not. CED: Were you skeptical as an executive about going all in on such a program? Luck: Between 1991 and 2000, our company quadrupled the number of associates, grew sales by a factor of four – and I lost my way as president. >> CUSTOMER CONNECTION (continued on next page) Bair's Axle Factory Axle CAT / ASV / TEREX PARTS Bolt-On Replacement Track Drive Lugs Got Lugs? HYDRAULIC TRACK INSTALLATION KIT • Install rubber tracks fast with Hydraulic Tools STOP TRACK DERAILMENTS! • Modify Existing Factory Wheels • Capture Track Cleats at all sides • Greaseable Bearing Carrier • 25% Thicker Steel Plates and Sprocket Base • Inner/Outer Sleeve Tubes DRIVE CARRIER PARTS CAT 247/257/267/277/287 ASV / Terex 50/60/85/100 SOLID ALLOY WHEELS www.bairproducts.com Email: info@bairproducts.com 913-947-3934 (LUGS) 855-575-5847 TOLL FREE - Parts Can Be Installed W/ Factory Parts - - Installation Videos On YouTube -

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