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>> 2015 CED ATTACHMENTS BUYERS GUIDE 38 | www.cedmag.com | Construction Equipment Distribution | July 2015 • GRIND • THE SKID STEER STUMPIRANH REPLACES SLOW STUMP GRINDING T he new patented "Stumpiranha" from Leading Edge Attachments is a stump removal tool that replaces the slow process of stump grinding and allows for complete removal without leaving grindings or stump remains that can cause sinkholes later. e Stumpiranha, originally offered for backhoes and excavators, is now available for skid-steer loaders. Using the conventional connection method, the Stumpiranah allows the stump to be cut and ripped under the stump from the roots. e staggered sharp pointed blades cut the roots under the stump one pointed blade at a time, allowing the maximum cutting force to be achieved. www.stumpiranha.com Contact Melissa McCarthy: 866-928-5800; sales@leattach.com • RAKE • LOEGERING ELIMINATOR LANDSCAPING RAKE SAVES ON LABOR T he Loegering Eliminator is a non-hydraulic attachment with no moving parts and accord- ing to the company, the most cost-effective landscaping rake in its class. It was called the Eliminator because it "eliminates" the manual labor of edge work as it is low profile and operators can push material right to an edge. Its teeth are designed to loosen tough soil. With the Eliminator, operators can go from an uncleared lot to a finished seedbed with one attachment. It is ideal for use along driveways, walks and curbs. Multiple sizes of the Eliminator attachment are available including a 42-inch, 72-inch and 84-inch model. www.loegering.com Contact Greg Warfel: 662-393-1800; gregg.warfel@terex • PRODUCTIVITY BOOSTERS • WAIN-ROY XLS QUICK COUPLER SYSTEM BOOSTS PRODUCTIVITY I mprove job site efficiency and boost productivity with the Wain-Roy XLS Coupler System, manufactured by Woods Equipment. Designed especially for tractor/loader/backhoes and excavators in the 5,500-60,000 pound class, the XLS System offers a range of bucket size/ capacity, from 12-inch (.06 cubic yards) to 48-inch (1.6 cubic yards). at kind of versatility means you only need one vehicle with the XLS System to complete a variety of tasks. is rugged, compact coupler performs smoothly and effectively with vehicles of nearly any make or model, but works at peak efficiency when teamed with an XLS bucket. According to the company, the Wain-Roy XLS Coupler and Bucket System exceeds the force capability of the most powerful machine in its class. e XLS bucket and other products manufactured by Woods Equipment (a brand of Blount International), meet American Welding Society standards; are tested in rigorous, real-life conditions and comply with recommended industry safety standards. www.woodsequipment.com Contact Angela Kay Larson: 815-262-1196; angela.larson@blount.com FECON MODULAR POWER PACK SAVES ON FUEL F econ's new BHP270 Modular Power Pack features a Power Management System for maximizing torque while minimizing fuel consumption. e BHP270 is designed for use on most excavators in the 20-30-ton range. e modular aspect of the BHP270 overcomes custom engineering of the power pack and shortens lead times so the installer can begin their work more quickly. Where industry lead times for power packs usually run six to eight weeks or more, the modular design of the BHP270 allows Fecon to have units in stock for immediate shipment. e BHP270 comes with a universal adaptor plate that speeds up the installation process. It is the adapter plate that is customized to the excavator and then the power pack is mounted to the adapter plate. is eliminates the need to custom design the entire power pack per specific brand, model, and year of excavator design. www.fecon.com Contact: 800-528-3113

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