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Three new reasons your AED membership pays off! <28:$17 62/87,216$1'237,216 <28*(7,7+(5( :,7+$('%86,1(666(59,&(6 $('+5+HOS'HVN ZZZDVNKUWFRP &DOO&RXQVHO ZZZNRSRQDLUGRFRP $('+LJK3URÀW 'HDOHU*URXS UKHQGHUVRQ#DHGQHWRUJ Manned by Karla Dobbeck (karlad@hrtechniques.biz) and her associates at Human Resource Techniques, Inc., the AED HR Help Desk allows AED members to get answers to simple questions or many employment-related issues free of charge. Call about any HR compliance or procedural issue, even sensitive personnel situations. 'YWXSQM^IHWTIGM½G,6 services are also available to member companies at a discounted rate of $125 per hour. Call Counsel is AED's new FREE legal hotline for AED members provided by Kopon Airdo, LLC, AED's general counsel. *IEXYVIWSJXLMWQIQFIVFIRI½X Staffed by attorneys from the 'LMGEKSSJ½GISJ/STSR%MVHS LLC, with a network of attorneys nationwide. Callers receive immediate guidance on commercial, employment, and litigation-based legal questions, enabling them to evaluate possible courses of action – and to understand the VEQM½GEXMSRWSJWYGLEGXMSRW¯ when a legal situation arises or is looming. 7XVMGXGSR½HIRXMEPMX]MWEHLIVIH to on all calls. This is no ordinary Dealer 20 Group – led by its own participants and custom-sized to meet individual needs, your group will review operating results, but will also discuss key ½RERGMEPIRKMRIIVMRKXIGLRMUYIW FEROMRKXIVQWERH½RERGMRK options, how to downsize the balance sheet based on your current sales levels, M&A opportunities, product line optimization, and more. %)(´W¾I\MFPITVSKVEQQEXGLIW noncompetitive dealers by company size and provides I\IGYXMZIGSEGLMRK[LIR requested, for better overall performance and value. %)(1IQFIVW3RP] Starting at $350/month

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