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28 | www.cedmag.com | Construction Equipment Distribution | October 2014 Election As summer has turned to fall and the pivotal midterm elections draw closer, Congress' report card is full of red marks. The American people report historically high levels of dissatisfaction with their lawmakers; fewer than one in five individuals polled believe that the majority of the current Congress should be re-elected. According to a Washing- ton Post-ABC News poll published in August, for the first time in 25 years the majority of voters disapprove of how their own representative is "handling his or her job." That's at least partially a reflec- tion of how little lawmakers have accomplished in the last two years. The 113th Congress is on track to be the least effective in history when measured by the number of substan- tive bills enacted into law. Further, much of the real work on Capitol Hill – legislation that keeps the economy going – has been done at a knife's point or staring over yet another self- manufactured political cliff. Rather than leading through reasonable, proactive and collaborative policy- making, our elected representatives choose instead to legislate by crisis. Next month, Americans will return to the voting booths to select the men and women who will comprise the next Congress. It grows harder with each election to hear through the noise of campaigns and to see optimistically past current frustra- tion. However, with so much at stake (the next crop of lawmakers will be casting votes on infrastructure, tax, energy, labor, and environmental policy), AED members must educate themselves to ensure their votes support candidates who are cham- pions for the construction equipment industry's policy priorities. This is an important challenge. AED members must make their vote selec- tions not only as citizens performing a civic duty, but as the owners, Who Did What in a "Do-Nothing" Congress? While You and Your Customers Were Working Hard... AED's exclusive analysis of how your representatives and senators voted in key infrastructure, tax, and regulatory issues. BY BRETT LEVANTO

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