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Energy & Rental 36 | www.cedmag.com | Construction Equipment Distribution | November 2014 treat the oil and gas industry like their average customers, Leppo said. That's why he started Razor Rents as a separate entity. When the wee-hour-of-the-morning call does come – and it will – it won't do for the staff to respond with frustration. "Just this last weekend, we had a customer call up and want two light towers on Sunday morning because they had to start a job and forgot to order them," Leppo said. But they knew Razor would come through for them. And they did. "It sometimes gets pretty extreme in their expectations," Leppo said. "They run 24/7/365 and they think the rest of the world does, too. A lot of these folk live on these sites. They are there working nonstop. If a light towers goes down and they have to stop production, that is costing them so much money. "That's one of the reasons we split Razor off; the guys have come to accept that as the nature of the beast. When the guy says I forgot to order a piece of equipment and I need it now, [our staff] don't get frustrated by it. Where the guys in the normal side of our rental business would say, 'Excuse me?' That response wouldn't go down very well. The guys used to working in that business know you do what the customer asks and go about your day." While the customer service may call for a different response, the equipment that is needed tends to be the same equipment already in the fleet. Typical requests are ("When They Say Jump, You Better Fly" continued from page 34) F A S T E R . S A F E R . S M A R T E R . + 1 - 9 1 8 - 2 5 9 - 3 0 5 0 | r e q u e s t s @ v a c u w o r x . c o m | 1 0 1 0 5 E a s t 5 5 t h P l a c e , Tu l s a , O k l a h o m a 7 4 1 4 6 U S A | v a c u w o r x . c o m Vacuworx provides the safest heavy-duty vacuum lifting equipment in the industry. Our lifters cut project times in half – with a fraction of the ground personnel required by conventional methods. Vacuworx helps you work... Faster. Safer. Smarter. CED_H_Half_JUNE.indd 1 5/12/14 3:26 PM Leppo Group created a dedicated rental company to deal with fracking customers, who don't play by the usual rules.

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