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can use IC to accurately measure asphalt compaction on mill and fill paving jobs." Here A Spec, There a Spec According to Embacher, MNDOT has been working with the Minne- sota Asphalt Paving Association, and presenting at different forums to get contractors up to date on the technol- ogy. ey share specifications so they can review and provide comments. Coming to an agreement on the specs isn't always easy. According to Williams and other sources inter- viewed, one bone of contention is the use of IC on cold in-place recycling. Manufacturers believe it will destroy the machines, but DOTs want to include it in their specs. "ere needs to be education on both sides," Williams advised. Despite working with the FHWA and e American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHTO) to develop a national standard for IC, Chang says many states create their own specifications. "Some DOTs without much experi- ence may accidentally put in a spec that is difficult to achieve," said Chang. One example is a project where it was specified that 90 percent of the area had to have four roller passes based on IC data. Minnesota requires a much more reasonable target of 70 percent. It has been a challenge for manu- facturers to meet so many different specifications. Until recently, only one roller manufacturer could meet MNDOT's requirement that data be cloud-compatible. Some states have also required training as part of the specs, which can drain resources of manufacturers and dealers. Meanwhile, Embacher has found most asphalt contractors to be accepting of the move to IC. "e grading contractors – they are a little less on board just because the nature of earthwork. It is a little more complex – it is not linear," she said. She says data management and getting the Veda system working has delayed implementation. Contractors need to be able to upload proprietary machine data into the DOT's Veda system. 2015 will be the first year the soware will be fully deployed. What Dealers Need to Know "We believe it is going to be a rental application in the beginning," said Ed Conlin, asphalt specialist with Sakai. Another low-cost option for contractors is an aermarket retrofit IC kit for exist- ing machines. Trimble currently has a solution on the market. e importance of training for contractors, dealers, and DOTs can't be overstated. "Most of the dealers around the country have very little or no training in IC," said Chang. "ey need training to provide technical support on projects." At their next sales meeting, Williams will provide the RDO Equipment Co. sales team with a presentation on IC, including what Sakai and their partner Topcon provide, as well as an update on what is happening at the DOTs. "It's coming fast in the Southwest, but there is not a lot of information out there on it," said Williams. Where he sees contractors struggling with is the data. "What do you do with it? How do you segment, filter and diagnose the data?" >> INDUSTRY TREND February 2015 | Construction Equipment Distribution | www.cedmag.com | 37 "Leader in Excavator Rock Ripping Attachments" www.digrock.com sales@leattach.com 866-928-5800 or 508-829-4855 ® eading dge ttachments, Inc. Operators Claim: "the best attachment I ever bought!" (Highest Capacity) Multi-DigNRip Bucket 4 times faster than a hammer 6 to 9 times the force of a standard 5 tooth bucket Rips the sides and bottom of the trench flat with no depth limitation Unsurpassed Ripperformance! "Bedrock Sharcs" with the excavator rock ripping TM "SHanks on an ARC" technology Bedrock TM Hi-Cap Multi-Ripper Bucket Hardox 400 construction - Available for all excavators and backhoes (continued on next page) Definition Please Compaction Meter Value A unitless value indicating a stiffness of the material the drum is rolling over

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