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Contractor Connection 50 | www.cedmag.com | Construction Equipment Distribution | December 2014 obsolete, I don't want to buy it." He doesn't hesitate to rent specialized machines. To find out what's new on the market they will attend two or three trade shows per year, as well as research products online. Brennan considers fuel consump- tion as a major factor when selecting heavy construction equipment. Supportability is also a factor. "We have some equipment I cannot have down more than 24 hours. We have other pieces, if they go down, I can put a backup machine in place. You have to take all these things into account and criticality – how is it going to impact your overall organization operations. Then you can determine which is the best piece with overall costs coming in on top of that." Despite being tied to the govern- mental bidding process, Brennan feels they have a lot of say in what brands are purchased. You really need to go out and determine what is going to best fit your organization. "No one organization I know of is single vendor, single-manufacturer oriented," said Brennan. "When you put all your eggs in one basket you may have a problem down the road." They currently deal with more than 100 different manufacturers. Technology Needs an ROI While Brennan doesn't describe himself as an early adopter of technology, there are about 45 machines in his fleet are equipped with onboard telematics. He receives alerts to engine malfunctions and uses it to monitor fuel consumption and even operator behavior. The county also initiated an automated fueling system that tracks fuel usage and mileage wirelessly. For nonman- dated technology to be adopted, Brennan looks for ROI. "There is a cost to bring in techno- logy, so we need to know what is the benefit and what's the ROI." With technology advancing at such a fast pace, Brennan feels one can easily fall behind on the technology curve, and finding training for his workforce is a big challenge. He appreciates dealers who open training opportunities to his staff. Within their central facility, an area has been set aside to accommodate group training or online training. In addition, technicians attend manu- facturer training. Four generations of technicians on the shop floor has created unique challenges. "Each generation has a different idea on how things should be done, and a different work ethic," added Brennan. "You have to find training understandable to each generation to meet the organizations common needs and goals." Brennan believes many of his biggest challenges are shared by his dealer partners — from recruitment of technicians to budgeting and being cost-effective. He currently has open positions and expects the difficulty of recruiting technicians to increase in the future. The Value of CEM Designation Being a certified equipment manager has proven to be invaluable to the county fleet manager. "Every penny put into fleet opera- tions has to be justified.," said Bren- nan. "Whether you are simply talking to people or presenting a budget or business case, people know they are talking with someone who knows the industry, and has the credentials to be successful." And while another fleet manager might be content to rely on opinion, Brennan knows better. He'll stick with the data. ("Data Man: A Public Works Perspective" continued from page 49) JOANNE COSTIN is a freelance writer and marketing consultant focusing on the construc- tion industry. She can be reached at (847) 340-4075 or jcostin@costincustom.com. **&¶VXQGHUZULWLQJSDUWQHULV $P7UXVW,QWHUQDWLRQDOZKLFKLV$UDWHG E\$0%HVWZLWKRYHU\HDUVRI FROOHFWLYHXQGHUZULWLQJH[SHULHQFHLQWKH &RQVWUXFWLRQDQG$JULFXOWXUDO(TXLSPHQW JOREDOPDUNHWV **&KDVRYHU\HDUVRIH[SHULHQFH DGPLQLVWUDWLQJH[WHQGHGSURWHFWLRQSODQV 7KLVHQVXUHVFRPSHWLWLYHSUHPLXPVZKLOH DOVRSURYLGLQJIDLUDQGUHDVRQDEOHFODLPV UHLPEXUVHPHQW **&¶VNQRZOHGJHDQGH[SHULHQFH DOORZVIRUWKHFUHDWLRQRIWDLORUPDGH SURJUDPVWRPHHWDQ\QHHG\RXPD\KDYH $QLQWHUQHWDFFHVVLEOHDGPLQLVWUDWLYH V\VWHPWKDWLVHIûFLHQWDQGXVHUIULHQGO\ **&UHLPEXUVHVSDUWVDWFXVWRPHU OLVWSULFHDQGODERUDWVKRSUDWHRQDOO DSSURYHGFODLPV **&¶VSURJUDPSURYLGHVSHDFHRIPLQG IRU\RXUFXVWRPHUNQRZLQJWKDWWKHLU HTXLSPHQWLVSURWHFWHG **&DGPLQLVWUDWLYHFODLPVRIûFH ORFDWHGLQ6W6LPRQV,VODQG*D Vice President Operations 6ODGH5RZODQG Vice President Sales 5LFN6WDF\ Eastern Territory Manager *UHJ6FKXOW] Midwest Territory Manager 5\DQ&DUWHU Western Territory Managers -HUHP\&RFNURIW %ULDQ)UHLWDJ **&RIIHUVH[WHQGHGVHUYLFHSURWHFWLRQ SODQVIRU1HZDQG8VHG(TXLSPHQW 3RZHU7UDLQ3RZHU7UDLQ+\GUDXOLFV DQG)XOO0DFKLQH 8VHG(TXLSPHQWWHUPVDYDLODEOHIURP PRQWKVWR\HDUV 1HZ(TXLSPHQWWHUPVDYDLODEOHIURP \HDUVWR\HDUV **&RIIHUVVXSHULRUDGPLQLVWUDWLYH FDSDELOLWLHVYLDWKHLQWHUQHWWKURXJKRXU XVHUIULHQGO\ZHEVLWHwww.glynngeneral.com. ,PPHGLDWHWXUQDURXQGRITXRWHV &RQûUPDWLRQRIWKHWHUPVDQG FRQGLWLRQVIRUDOODYDLODEOHVHUYLFH FRQWUDFWV (IûFLHQWHQUROOLQJRIXQLWVZLWKDXWR PDWLFLQYRLFLQJ 8VHUIULHQGO\FODLPVSURFHVVLQJUHVXOW LQJLQVDWLVIDFWRU\FODLPVUHLPEXUVHPHQW $FFRXQWDFFHVVDOORZLQJIRUFRQVWDQW PRQLWRULQJRI\RXUZDUUDQW\SURJUDP

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