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industrialized nations scored the U.S. with 27 percent employee engagement. at means 74 percent are disengaged. Highly disengaged employees are not only the least productive, but they can actually act intentionally to undermine and bring harm to your business. An employee's engagement is expressed through his or her sincerity, commitment, and respect. is may be easier for customers to discern than for you as a business manager. It is hard for leaders to be aware that negative customer service is occurring because no one is going out of their way to tell them anything is wrong. Only one out of 20 unhappy customers is going tell you something is wrong, so you have to be determined to want to know. An unhappy customer will tell the world about a service failure, but leaders are the last to know. And the primary point of origin for much of this customer unhappiness is low employee engagement. Realize that your employee engagement may be lower than you think. Hope for the best but plan and prepare for the worst. Every great business leader must maintain at least a small measure of what I call productive paranoia. Ronald Reagan said it best: Trust but verify. You verify with surveys, and two types are effective for elevating customer expe- rience. First, I recommend an employee engagement survey. Anonymous employee engagement surveys are effective in accurately measuring engagement levels. (1) Highly engaged employees act like owners and are relentlessly committed to the business; (2) Engaged employees are dedicated and loyal; they are just not quite a gung-ho as the highly engaged. (3) Disengaged employees view work as a mere paycheck, it's just a job. (4) Highly disengaged employees will undermine the efforts of engaged employees and seek to harm the business. An engagement survey will tell you with accuracy what percentage of your workforce falls into each category. e survey also spells out what you can do to significantly increase engagement levels. Align your standards with employee performance. Using a Customer Service Perspective survey allows your firm's senior management to establish a formally approved standard for how service situations are to be handled. Each employee who interacts with customers is assessed against the company service standard. If needed, provide coaching to bring the whole customer service team into alignment with that standard to ensure a consistent customer service experience. Just ask your customers. You cannot manage anything ("Ten Truths to Build Product Support Excellence" continued from page 61) 62 | www.cedmag.com | Construction Equipment Distribution | January 2015 13 Mini-Excavator Models *Operating Weights 2,000-18,000 lbs *Digging Depths: 5'2" TO 15'1" 4 Models of Crawler Carrier Also Available with: *Digger Derricks *Bucket Lifts *Cranes *Flat Beds A Winning Combination! A Winning Combination! 800.538.1447 WWW.IHICES.COM >> CUSTOMER SERVICE Please visit us in CONDEX Booth 711

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