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>> PLAY IT SAFE ERIC STILES T he beginning of the year is an opportunity to reflect back on successes (and shortfalls) from the past year, which will help shape decision-making in the future. More important, the new year is a starting point to redefine your sales and service goals, discover how to strengthen customer relationships, and challenge all management and employees to give their best effort to generate another successful year. But this can also be a time for you to re-evaluate the ongoing risks that can impact your dealership, employees, and profits. Why not take a fresh look at what your company is doing to manage and predict potential risks? Let's consider a few core risk manage- ment fundamentals that can help you re-launch your efforts in 2015. Ownership's Commitment and Goals Now is the time for ownership to re-commit to safety with a statement that is posted – or, better yet, distributed – to all dealership employees. ere is no better way to capture everyone's attention than a communication from top leadership outlining renewed safety expectations and annual goals, while expressing how important their individual safety and health is to the success of the business. is statement is a great first step, but there has to be substance to back it up. at includes having ownership get involved in the safety planning for the year. Top management should periodically take part in facility safety inspections and play a role with the dealership safety committee. When employees see this level of engagement in the safety process they are more likely to buy in to safety, as well. Review Policies, Procedures Start planning a timeline to review important safety policies and proce- dures throughout the year. Prioritize and review the most important ones first. Consider whether your current processes have been effective, and if not, what procedures should be changed and communicated to employees. Some specific policies that should be reviewed include: New Employee Orientation – Are you connecting new employees to your safety process? Develop or review a new-hire checklist to make sure all safety policies and procedures are being covered. Be sure the employee signs an acknowledgement that (s)he has reviewed, understands, and will follow these guidelines. Accident Investigation – is is a process that many dealerships could improve. Review the existing accident reporting form for omissions or improvements. Does the form tell the 64 | www.cedmag.com | Construction Equipment Distribution | January 2015 At a minimum, your organization should require all drivers to sign an annual statement committing to safe and accident-free driving. Speak Loud and Clear on Safety This Year Revisit and renew your risk management program, and make it a management priority that everyone sees. (continued on page 66)

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