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October 2014

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GOOD NEWS! Volume 31 Number 9 OCTOBER 2014 continued on page 8 > > INSIDE Good News! Online : w w USA Eastern Territorial website : w w USA National website : w w HONORED FOR THEIR SERVICE Lt. Colonels Carolynne J. and Edmund L. Chung and Majors Chester O. and Joyce E. Emmons retired recently. PAGE 14 TALKING TO THE PRESIDENT Salvation Army national leaders meet with President Barack Obama at the White House. PAGE 5 GENERAL CLIFTON'S BOOK Commissioner William W. Francis reviews former General Shaw Clifton's autobiography. PAGE 7 September 5, 2014—Commissioner Barry C. Swanson, territorial commander, addressed a vast audience in the historic Centennial Memorial Temple (CMT) in New York. They had come to this highly anticipated meeting to welcome 47 cadets of the "Messengers of Light" session of the College for Offi cer Training (CFOT). But the audience also learned of a unique "partnership" between the Redeemer Presbyterian Church and The Salvation Army. "To say that we have a special speaker would be an understatement," said Swanson. "Dr. Timothy J. Keller is one of the most infl uential Christian leaders in America today." Swanson described Dr. Keller, the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyte- rian in New York, as a "prolifi c author whose book titles frequently show up on The New York Times bestsellers list." Keller is also chair of "City to City," the Redeemer program that has helped start 250 churches in cities worldwide. "Every Sunday, right here in Centennial Memorial Temple, at least a thousand people from the Redeemer church hold a worship service and hear the word of God preached," said Swanson. "In turn, East welcomes 47 'Messengers of Light' Celebrates 'mission partnership' WARREN L. MAYE ce l e br a t i ng c g years

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