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November/December 2014

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GOOD NEWS! Volume 31 Number 10 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014 "If you can't be original, at least be sincere." I don't know who said those words, but oftentimes they ring true. Candidly, that is how I feel sometimes at Christmas. Another greeting? Really? What remains to be said that has not been said a thou- sand times in a thousand ways by a thousand people? But saying something new is not the point, is it? It is not the point of a greeting nor is it the point of a prayer, and it certainly isn't the point of Christmas. The point is that I want to say something to you about Christmas right now. Because I am sincere, that makes this greeting original, real, and in fact different from every other Christmas greeting ever given. Amazing. So please, as you read these words right now, stop to think about Jesus. Consider the fact that He was born to save you from your sins and to give you the gift of eter- nal life. When you have thought about it, say "yes" to Him. Then say "thank you" to God for the Christmas present. Then, sincerely go and tell someone else about this original Good News! INSIDE Good News! Online : w w, the USA Eastern Territorial website USA National website : w w FRONTLINE: FIGHTING EBOLA Hear from Major Pamela McKee reporting from Liberia, Africa— 'ground zero' in the fight against Ebola. PAGE 20 THE GENERAL'S MESSAGE Read General André Cox's special Christmas message to you and yours. PAGE 3 NEW KROC CENTER OPENS The long–awaited, much antici- pated Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center opens in Camden, N.J. PAGE 8 Tell somebody! COMMISSIONER BARRY C. SWANSON ce l e br a t i ng years Territorial Arts Ministries Team (TAM) makes an impact in Times Square with extraordinary prayer and witness. TAM in Times Square, 2010

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