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2 ABOUT THIS WARRANTY As the original purchaser of a vehicle equipped with MICHELIN ® passenger or light truck tires, you are covered by all the benefits and conditions (subject to the maintenance recommendations and safety warnings) contained in this booklet. To ensure your understanding of and compliance with the terms and conditions of this warranty, please read it carefully. It is essential that you also read and understand the safety and maintenance recommendations for tires contained in this booklet. WHAT IS COVERED AND FOR HOW LONG? MICHELIN passenger and light truck tires that are used in normal service on the vehicle on which they were originally fitted are covered as follows: Workmanship and Materials If there is a defect in workmanship and materials during the life of the original usable tread, or six (6) years from date of purchase (whichever comes first), your tire may be replaced on a pro rata basis under this warranty. After six (6) years or the wear of the original usable tread, whichever occurs first, all warranties, expressed or implied, expire. The "date of purchase" refers to the date on your sales invoice. If you cannot find your sales invoice, the date will be calculated based on the date of manufacture which is molded on the sidewall of your tire. The "life of the usable tread" refers to the original tread worn down evenly across the face of the tread to the level of the treadwear indicators, which is 2/32nds of an inch (1.6 mm) of tread remaining. Uneven wear is defined as a tread groove difference of 2/32nds of an inch or more across the face of the tread on the same tire. WHAT IS NOT COVERED This warranty does not cover tires damaged due to misuse, abuse or accident such as: – Road hazards (e.g., cuts, snags, bruises, impact damage or punctures); – Incorrect mounting of the tire, tire/wheel imbalance or improper repair; – Misapplication, improper maintenance, racing, underinflation, overinflation or other abuse; – Uneven or rapid wear which is caused by mechanical irregularity in the vehicle such as wheel misalignment (a measured tread difference of 2/32nds of an inch or more across the face of the tread on the same tire); – Accident, fire, chemical corrosion, tire alteration or vandalism; – Flat spotting caused by improper storage or brakelock; – The addition of liquid, solid or gaseous materials other than air, nitrogen or carbon dioxide (for example, waterbase sealers or balancing substances); MICHELIN ® PASSENGER AND LIGHT TRUCK TIRE LIMITED WARRANTY

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