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be aimed to match your pickup headlight's highbeam and centered down the middle of the road for maximum efficiency. BUILD QUALITY You purchase quality work tools that last and you've spent a good bit of money on the pickup you're driving. Do the same when you buy lights. Leave the cheap plastic and pot-metal models to those who don't depend on their pickups as part of their daily work needs. Strong housings that will not rust or come apart under tough conditions are a must. So are lights with wiring kits made from heavy-duty components. Check out the light's warranty, too: The longer the warranty, the better the product. Now that we've shed a little light on the topic of auxiliary lighting, we've included an assortment of the newest products to consider adding to your pickup – or fleet of pickups. Mix, match and enjoy the new view. (You can also get more lighting information by going to WATTS BETTER Some manufacturers lead buyers to believe there're only two terms e that matters when it comes to the t ts quality of aftermarket lights: watts watts th e very very and candlepower. Both are very misleading. sureu Watts is only a measure(Volts Vo V ment of current draw (Volts he e x Amps= Watts); it's the nt of automotive equivalent of how many gallons of fuelfuelses e per-hour an engine uses allon l – not the miles-per-gallon kup dep the engine in the pickup dehe road. ad ad livers driving down the road. -watt HID d i tt HI drivFor example, a 100-watt HID drivffective lighting ghtin ing ing light is far more effective lighting l 100 tt up the road than a single 100-watt light bulb sitting on the bumper. The difference is in how the bulb's light output is focused, which brings up another misleading marketing term: candlepower or candela. Candlepower (aka candela) is an antiq a antiquated measure tiqu antiquated measurement of light output at t output at the source (radiance) and p output the h not i has nothing to do with how that has nothing ligh illu light illuminates an object. light illum Lu Lume on the other Lumens, ha hand, is a true measurehand, i ment of a light's effiment ciency at lighting up an ciency objec at a specified disje object ta tance and is fast becomtance in the ing the world standard ing fo lig for light comparisons. The for light higher higher the lumens, the more higher use ble useabl li ht being produced. useable light b useable So when So whe you find auxiliary lights to hen he fit your needs th t consume the same d that or less power, exhibit similar design qualities, and deliver a higher lumen output than a comparable model, you know which to buy. –BWS ? PROPICKUP 17

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