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January/February 2013

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In this issue… Contributors Juang-Horng 'JC' Chong joined Clemson University in 2007 as a Turf & Ornamental Entomologist. JC received his BS in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from the University of Arizona and worked under the guidance of Dr. Ron Oetting of the University of Georgia in his MS and PhD programs on the management of the Madeira mealybug in greenhouse ornamental productions. George M. Dickert holds a BS in Horticulture and an MS in Education from Virginia Tech. He has worked as a greenhouse manager, an estate gardener, and as a representative for a company based in the Netherlands that administered plant patent agreements throughout the southeastern United States. He is currently employed as an Extension agent with the Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service. Andy Hillman is past SMA Past President and member of the Municipal Forestry Institute Teaching Cadre. He is the former City Forester for Ithaca and Oswego, New York, and the current President of the New York State Urban Forestry Council. He currently represents Davey Resource Group as the Northeast Business Developer. Bob Polomski is an Extension Associate in the Clemson University School of Agricultural, Forestry, and Environmental Science. His responsibilities in extension, teaching, and research allow him to explore the nexus between growers, arborists, and landscape architects as a means of improving the quality and diversity of nursery stock, enhancing biodiversity in streetscapes, and increasing the longevity of street trees. Matthew Stephens, ISA Certified Arborist, is Director of Street Tree Planting for the City of New York Department of Parks & Recreation. 8 City Trees

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