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from our staff ��� ��� Love yourself ���rst and everything else falls into line. Lucille Ball Revamping our Priorities In Ronnie���s closet, there hangs a tan, swingy, knee-length cardigan sweater that she���s had for more than a decade. She confesses to wearing this soft-comfortable sweater, which has de���nitely seen better days, more often than she should; usually when she needs the comfort of something warm and familiar to get through a tough day. Michelle���s closet has a similar item. It���s an off-white wool suit she bought in Paris in early 90s. At the time she believed it to be fabulous, the height of 90s fashion. Today she thinks its large shoulder pads make her look like she���s ready for the Packer���s front line, and yet she can���t bring herself to part with it...shoulder pads may come back, right? Everyone has an old ���sweater��� like that. But problems arise when many things in your life become that old sweater. The old ���sweater��� symbolizes that moment when you ���nd yourself doing so much for others that you forget about the importance of doing nice things for you. The truth is women often aren���t on their own list of priorities. And if they are they���re typically at the bottom of that list, below feeding Fido or running the kids to their activities. We wear our exhaustion as a badge of honor, and the more we do for our loved ones, the more acceptable it becomes to let ourselves go���not just for a day, but for weeks, months and even years. For the February issue, BRAVA did ���ve makeovers on some very deserving women, who for one reason or another were putting themselves last, but were ready for a transformation. Two of our candidates recently had babies and were struggling with how to dress their new bodies and care for themselves while being a mommy, too. One woman had divorced two years ago and longed for a new look to match her single self, while another desired a trendier look that ���t better with her new career path. Finally, a candidate with chronic health issues sought help in making herself over because it was something she didn���t always feel up to doing herself. The common theme among all of our candidates was transformation. They were ready to throw out the old and usher in the new. Though our makeover candidates ditched their old hair and clothes for some radically different looks, are we really ready to part with the tan sweater and the chic white suit and concede these clothes are no longer us? Maybe not quite yet! But we are ready to transform into our best possible selves inside and out and to make sure we are at the top of our priority list. Let���s all resolve to do more for ourselves and let���s begin now. With BRAVA���s foodie issue listing a number of top restaurants in the Madison area, let���s commit to tasting the temptations at one of these ���ne restaurants! Michelle Reddington Publisher Ronnie Garrett Editor-in-Chief Behind the Scenes at BRAVA: The editorial staff welcomes a new member! One of the great things about working at BRAVA is that every day is bring-your-dog or your-baby to work day! As Meagan Parrish of���cially returned full-time after maternity leave last month, we found ourselves grateful for a couple of things. One, we are fully staffed again! And two, she often brings baby Nadya, affectionately called ���Miss Boo,��� to our meetings in the conference room or on Skype. Miss Boo is always quick with a smile and is a welcome distraction when we���re getting work done. 8 BRAVA Magazine February 2013 Correction! Life���s not perfect and neither are we. In the ���Women to Watch��� feature of our January issue, we incorrectly stated the name of the Wisconsin Business Alliance. We also incorrectly spelled the last name of Melissa Malott. And while Amy Meinen is with the UW, she is with the UW Madison Collaborative Center for Health Equity not UW Hospitals and Clinics. Our apologies!

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