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STiR coffee and tea 21 actually in a particular bag as that information has been concealed from Kona farmers," the complaint alleges. "Modern chemistry can now provide answers to that question." Chemical testing of beans packaged as Kona coffee should contain concentrations of zinc, barium, nickel, cobalt, manganese and strontium, the complaint alleges. Results showed, however, that 19 blended or 100% Kona coffee brands lacked the required concentrations and therefore are not real Kona coffee, it claims. program outside of our Cup of Excel- lence National Winners auctions and the work that Qima Coffee is conducting is a great match," ACE executive director Darrin Daniel said. Nespresso, NYC Recycle Nespresso is spending $1.2 million to help improve coffee capsule recovery in New York City. The company is partnering with the city's Department of Sanitation and Sims Municipal Recycling (SMR) to improve recovery of its capsules through the city's curbside recycling program and SMR's sorting process. The goal is to capture Nespresso's aluminum capsules foil and other mixed metals. "Nespresso is deeply committed to the circular use of our products, choosing aluminum packaging because it both protects the quality of our excep- tional coffees and can be recycled and reused again and again," said Guillaume Le Cunff, Nespresso USA's president and c.e.o. "This collaboration will provide New York City-based consum- ers with another convenient way to recycle used capsules and other alumi- num products at home, allowing these items to be given many new lives." The partnership supports New York City's Zero Waste initiative, which aims to have no new landfill waste by 2030. The goal is to keep Nespresso capsules and 43,000 tons of aluminum foil and other mixed metals out of landfills. ACE Announces New Auction Alliance for Coffee Excellence will conduct a private collection coffee auction to support smallholder farmers in Yemen. UK-based Qima Coffee, ACE's partner in the project, works directly with smallholder farmers across central and northern Yemen creating equitable trade in cultivating and hand harvesting specialty coffee from some of that country's highest altitudes. Qima Coffee, whose goal is to rebuild Yemen's specialty coffee industry, donates 10% of its annual profits to education and agricultural projects through their Qima Foundation. "Qima Coffee's partnership with ACE marks a momentous milestone in Yemen's specialty coffee industry," founder/c.e.o. Faris Sheibani said in a statement announcing the auction. "Sourcing coffees from thousands of smallholder farmers across the country, including many previously untouched regions, we are excited to offer the widest and finest range of coffees ever to have left Yemen's shores." ACE and Qima Coffee will work together on cupping through nearly 500 micro lots in order to find the highest- scoring producers. ACE will assemble a jury of professional sensory tasters in its Oregon laboratory to analyze lots. Only the highest scoring lots above 85 will be auctioned on ACE's online auction platform, the organization said. "Our hope is to partner with farmers and other producers through this new UC Davis Seeks Head Roaster The UC Davis Coffee Center, the Califor- nia university's new coffee research laboratory, is looking for its first full-time staff member – a head roaster. The center recently posted the staff research associate vacancy which will serve as head roaster managing all Coffee Center roasting operations and the undergraduate coffee laboratory. The research associate will oversee the center's flagship course, "The Design of Coffee." This course was the catalyst for the center's inception. "This staff roaster will be a key part of teaching the next generation of coffee roasters," said Bill Ristenpart, the Coffee Center's director and a professor of chemical engineering. The center uses 25 kg, 5 kg, and 1 kg Probat roasters. Others will be added renovations are complete, a center spokesperson said. Ging Promoted at S&D Coffee & Tea Tracy Ging is the new executive vice president and chief business officer for S&D Coffee & Tea. She will be involved in all business activities and work closely with company c.e.o. and president Ron Hinson. Ging previously was the company's chief commercial officer. She is second vice president on the Specialty Coffee Association board of directors and has past associations with World Coffee Research, Grounds for Health, and the Coffee Quality Institute. UC Davis Coffee Center Bill Ristenpart with the center's Probatino roaster. Photo by Dan Shryock/STiR Strawless Lids Reduce Plastic Starbucks introduced a recyclable and compostable plastic lid that will replace straws for cold drink offerings. The lid uses 9% less plastic than the current lid and straw combination. The lids will debut in Toronto along with a new greener to-go cup in Vancouver, British Columbia. Company stores in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and London will also trial the new composta- ble hot cups. Mixed drinks such as frappuccinos will continue to be served in domed lids with straws until 2020 when the company hopes to completely do away with plastic straws, eliminating one billion plastic straws per year.

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