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March 1

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To Be Ser ve tter GroweOur rs Be on the LOOKOUT An identification card has been issued to help people distinguish a brown marmorated stinkbug from other species. by Geraldine Warner G rowers in Washington State are urged to be on the lookout for the brown marmorated stinkbug. The bug recently became established in Clark and Skamania counties in southwest Washington and has also been detected in Yakima and Thurston counties. Washington State University and the state Department of Agriculture have issued an identification card to help growers distinguish this new pest from native stinkbugs they might encounter. The brown marmorated stinkbug lays eggs in clusters of 28 on the undersides of leaves. Nymphs that hatch from the eggs develop through five instars. Adults can be recognized by their fully developed wings. Growers will need to look closely to tell the differences from other stinkbugs. The brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys) has white bands on its antennae whereas Euchistus, Holcostethus, and Brochymena species do not. The brown marmorated stinkbug and Holcostethus have smooth shoulders, but the others have toothed shoulders. Growers who think they might have found the bug are encouraged to take a sample to their local extension office ( or contact tmurray@, (509) 427-3931) or, (360) 902-2063. Equipment Company D EUTZ- F AHR A NNOUNCES B LUELINE E QUIPMENT A S T HEIR N EW N ORTHWEST T RACTOR D EALER German Engineering and Technology Low Profile Orchard and Vineyard Models Available An Engine Horsepower to Fit Your Needs ��� Offering The Latest In Fuel Efficency Deutz-Fahr Tractor Parts and Service Brown marmorated stinkbug fact sheets and identi���cation cards are available from local Extension of���ces. UNION GAP 509-248-8411 SUNNYSIDE 509-839-2066 GEORGE 509-785-2595 PASCO 509-544-6678 WALLA WALLA 509-525-4550 CALIFORNIA 509-952-9488 GOOD FRUIT GROWER MARCH 1, 2013 27

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